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    Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    I recommend a double zipper that opens from top and bottom so you can go to the little bounty hunters room without tacking off all of your armor.:facepalm ST
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    BobaFettish's Vest Material - SHIPPED

    Please count me in for 3 yrds if its not too late.:thumbsup: Thanks, ST
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    In regards to finding a vertical nozzle I would suggest trying a butane canister some of witch come with a series of small to large plastic adapters for the different lighters they might refill. These adapters should fit the end of your CO2 can and it will shoot straight up. I would not...
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    Scratch-made Helmet - Pics and Updates

    Sweet lil bucket there dude. You should have one very happy mini fett. ST
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    help me un'gloss my bucket.

    If nothing ells works try super and I mean "super fine" steel wool. you can get it from home depot. If you lightly sand it with the steel wool it will take off the gloss. Try a test patch before doing the whole thing to see if it is what you want it to look like. After sanding you can buff it up...
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    Who makes the best jumpsuit out there

    I got myself a StarFortress ROTJ suit on the first bulk run. It fits me like a glove, its extremely well made and very close, if not bang on, to being screen accurate. Considering the price V.S. the time it would have take to build one of that quality, you cant go wrong. Cheers, ST
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    Chest Lights in Aluminum Armor

    Just thinking in the opposite direction. Have you considered using two strips of polished plexi glass each about 1/4 inch thick and cut to fit each hole in your armor. The polished plexi should carry the led light through its 1/4 inch thickness to the surface of the armor. This might give the...
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    Chest emblem decals Link Added

    Many thanks Red. ST
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    SFP Jumpsuit Bulk Purchase

    I got mine and its like it was tailor made for me. I ordered a medium with a tall sleeve (I got some way long arms) Wow this fits nice. I am 6 foot tall and 165 lbs. If you are about this size then the medium should fit you like it does me and TK-409. I am very happy with my purchase. It was as...
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    Cheap Flak Vest

    I think a few members have used cut up sweat shirts. Hope this helps. Cheers, ST
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    SFP Jumpsuit Bulk Purchase

    Thanks for macking this possible Padawan. I cant wait to get my suit, bringing me one step closer to supreme Fettdom. Cheers and thanks again. ST
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    Accurate Boba Armor sign up. update: 12/9

    Ditto very interested would like to see some pics. Many thanks, ST
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    SFP Jumpsuit Bulk Purchase

    I believe they go from Anton to Padowan then to us. ST
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    SFP Jumpsuit Bulk Purchase

    ....and the rejoicing continued :thumbsup: Thanks TK ST
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    SFP Jumpsuit Bulk Purchase

    ....and there was much rejoicing :thumbsup: St