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    I was feeling dumb and had some basic photoshop fun...

    Just goofing around some...
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    Also yes this is ongoing in Cincinnati through Oct 1st 2017. It next goes to St Petersburg FL Nov 11th 2017 - Apr 1st 2018. It doesn't look like the next city is booked yet, but this travels through 2019. Its already been to Seattle, New York, and Denver so I wouldn't bet on it being too...
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    Here's what I got of the Y-wings. They were in a corner so you couldn't really get anything of the right side of them. Also once again due to lighting, not the greatest.
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    Here's a pic showing the 15 killstripes
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    Its on display until Oct 1st. It goes to St Petersburg FL next. I just wish the lighting had been a bit brighter. Also the lighting levels varied from display to display. Even the items in glass cases next to each other had different levels. I assume its to protect from fading. I also...
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    Not sure why, but it keeps double posting images when I upload them? If anybody wants to see anything else let me know. I think I took a little over 1000 pics (unfortunately a lot of those are blurry due to the lighting issues)
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    I went to see Star Wars Power of Costume in Cincinnati!

    It was a very neat experience! I have never had the opportunity to see real Star Wars items in person and I enjoyed it greatly. It LITERALLY puts things in perspective! The movie screen just makes everything bigger than life, but its amazing how much smaller they actually are. I think the...
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    "I've lost R2."

    I would have read the article but the link asked me to answer a survey question before continuing. I am SO sick of websites doing that and putting up a box in the middle of the page when you are just trying to read something real quick. Whats the point? Most of them aren't even ads. They...
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    Star Wars Action Figure Collectors, Question!

    Unfortunately its probably not worth much. Everyone was speculating on these figures and they were purchased and made in such mass quantities that most of them have little value today. They are the beanie babies and 90s baseball cards of their time. I remember back when these came out there...
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    Very important announcement regarding Boba Fett!!

    Apparently no one else has heard the news. Holiday Special Fett is the one Fett to rule them all. :p
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    Yes...another scratchbuilt jetpack thread NOW MORE UPDATE-IER!

    No unfortunately. Life always seems to intercede with my plans on this, lol. I may get back to it before long, but the jetpack is a little lower on the totem pole than some other pieces.
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    Best Rattlecan match to Polly Scale US MED GREEN?

    I'm sure this has been covered at some point, but I guess I'm too tired and my "Search-Fu" is weak. What are the best rattlecan / spray paint matches to Polly Scale US MED GREEN? I want to do the backplate and probably have more than enough to cover it, but with this paint no longer being...
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    Shoulder bell paint up (Finished?)

    Sorry. I've been off the board for a bit. The orangey color is a mix of light brown/tan/sienna pastels that I ground into dust and added by rubbing it onto the paint layer.
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    Airbrush Options

    I've been a proponent over the years that you don't need to drop a load of cash on a setup. I've been using the Badger 250 for years with no problems. By practicing with it I can get some pretty fine effects and have never had an issue with it. I do like to keep a good amount of spare bottles...