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    Interested in your ROTJ braids! Thanks.

    Interested in your ROTJ braids! Thanks.
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    Showoff: Completed ROTJ

    Amazing. I'm just starting a ROTJ build and aspire to these levels. I know I'm going to struggle to weather the suit as much as it needs to be. Seeing your finished product gives me a little more confidence to go all in on the weathering!
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    New ROTJ Builder here

    Thank you! I've been scouring the boards, stealing pics for reference material, collecting my pieces and parts and learning that anything I need to know is probably in a Raf thread! I'll be starting my build thread this week as I've completed my boots and girth belt, as well as a dandy Star...
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    For Sale Jet Pack Hardware

    Also interested!
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    SD68 FP Premium Paint Up

    Got it. I had to do mods also so I was just curious if there was an out-of-the-box mannequin option that had better mobility. Thanks!
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    SD68 FP Premium Paint Up

    Curious what type of mannequin you have that on? I had to do some minor engineering to get the full arm mobility that your pose and similar poses require. Beautiful suit and helmet!
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    General Is it possible to build a costume in a month? (with a full time job)

    That's a budget HIC build I did a few years ago. Literally did it in one day. It'll be my next project after my Fett build. I have the ABS Plastic cast Volvo control panels on order and have the metal greebles and the Fettronics stuff tucked away and ready to go. Appreciate the kind words...
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    General Is it possible to build a costume in a month? (with a full time job)

    LOL. I replaced the ammo belt with a $30 one off of eBay. The one that comes with it is molded rubber and looks horrible. It's a fun little placeholder for my basement until my build is complete...and it's a constant motivation to get that build done and replace it!
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    General Is it possible to build a costume in a month? (with a full time job)

    I can weigh in on the Rubies Supreme costume. I got it for $250 off of eBay a few months ago and I'd say it's barely worth that. I actually have it as a placeholder on a mannequin while I do my build and it's passable from a distance but up close the armor doesn't hold up. I put the Hasbro...
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    For Sale Boba Fett Gloves - Run 3 full

    Just ordered a pair of Return of the Jedi! PayPal sent. Thanks.
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    New for Fall 2020 - Injection Molded Volvo Control panels HiC Han in Carbonite panels

    Grabbed mine just now. I have a rudimentary build that I have very fragile resin controls on. These will give me a chance to re-boot that build and include the electronics! Look awesome and thanks for extending the discounted price!
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    Hello from CA

    Welcome! New guy here as well!
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    New ROTJ Builder here

    Hello everyone, Dennis here. I recently decided that I needed a life size Boba Fett for my man cave and started with a very rudimentary effort using the Rubies halloween costume (got it for $200, which is about it's worth). I quickly decided that wouldn't do and started scouring these boards...
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    Girth Belt HOW TO Accurately Strap and Secure the ESB Girth Belt

    Someone asked earlier, but didn't see confirmation that this is the same approach for ROTJ? The CRL on the 501st is inconclusive... and yes, this is a thread I totally did not know that I needed but found incredibly valuable. I'm starting a build for a life size prop replica, so I should have...
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    Ralph's Mandalorian build

    Amazing Mando build! We chatted over at the Sideshow Freaks board a bit (Darth Dennis) about the life size Child from Sideshow. Nice to see the suit build over here! Should be amazing!