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    Post Sarlacc Fett Helmet

    Talking about the Bondo, did you use the Bondo straight from the can or did you have to use the hardener anyway?
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    stormtrooperguy's rotj armor rattlecan colors

    I know for sure that Spruce Green is no longer in production. Gotta find an alternative color/brand.
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    Jc27 Fettinator Industries Jetpack Beacon Light kit

    Are these lights still available? I already have one (which is an AWESOME light kit) for my ROTJ jetpack, but I am building another one for Boba from Episode 14 of The Mandalorian.
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    Spruce green rustoleum alternative?

    An alternative color I am using is not a spray version, but rather acrylic paint found at Walmart. The brand is Apple Barrel and the color is Marsh Green. It is the closest color that matches my armor.
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    ESB jetpack rocket colors

    Hey guys. I am trying to figure out which colors are used in the Boba Fett ESB jetpack? My main focus is on the yellowish color above the silver ring thing and the burgundy kind neck below before it touches the main pack. Just a close color in general and not a specific brand used or kind...
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    Spruce green rustoleum alternative?

    In the past when I started, my armor was sprayed with Spruce Green and lightly misted with flat black. That's how I've painted both my armors (the one in ABS when I started (picture in my profile) and my upgraded fiberglass armor after that.
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    Boba fett mandalorian re-paint, new paint

    I will try to replicate that look (post-Sarlacc, that is) with a mix of masking and actual "push-brushing" over a whole silver base, a similar technique to what the late Bob Ross used to do to paint the "happy tree branches". No need for textured paint, though. I would also recommend liquid...
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    I just mentioned that in an ear post here, but good eye.
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    Yep, in the scene when they are departing the scrapyard, while you see the first interior view of Slave 1 rotating, you'll see the ROTJ pack from the center to the 4 o'clock direction, right there on the floor. I've also noticed before that scene, while Boba was turning around when Din was...
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    Fett Jetpack Lights and Sounds Mod

    Very, very, very nice!
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    And someone said that we might see a "cleanup" of his armor in this episode or the next. I didn't expect it to be that soon and THAT different. Good thing is, if someone tries to make that version of the costume, it will be way easier to paint. ;)
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    Mandalorian Chapter 9 Cobb Vanth Gauntlets And Jetpack Flipped as Boba Fett in Ep 6

    Also, as you can see in the images, the shoulder bells are on opposite sides as well, hence the dents and the "Bantha Skull" emblem on the right instead of the left. I believe as well that they added the CGI Chest Lights on the left chest for THAT scene, and if that's the case since the neck...
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    Has anyone realized that the hand armor is actually the same as Din Djarin's armor, except that it is black?
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    You are correct, just before he was accidentally "axed" in the back of the jetpack by Han Solo.
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    Is it just me, or the rocket is missing a fin.... ?!