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    RafalFett's Boba Fett 3D Projects

    Downloaded, separated, printed, SANDED and FILLED and SANDED and built/painted/finished this awhile back, but I don't come here often, I'm at the RPF pretty much exclusively. Only real parts are the scope, scope rings, flash tube (Synchronar, and I know it's not the correct orientation)...
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    Helmet padding - fitting.

    I have one of those on it's way to me for my MSH1. I'll post photos when it arrives.
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    JB Project/ FPH Helmet

    Well I gotta say holy cowpies again! That's just beautiful.
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    My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Thanks guys! :)
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    Madmartigan's FPH Prototype ESB Helmet

    Yes, yes it does. How do you get your topical layers so smooth and uniform? Just proper thinning? Man it looks beautiful!
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    My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    My MSH1 ESB Fett Helmet Hey guys, been a lurker here for awhile now, been a member over at the RPF since the old days. Still, all the helmet painting threads over here really got me itching to try and paint a Fett lid myself. So I thought I'd show off my first attempt at doing a Boba Helmet...
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    Madmartigan's FPH Prototype ESB Helmet

    Holy cowpies.