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    What is the best Boba Version and why

    I like SE Fett. Reason is I think the color scheme seems to be more miss matched, as it should be.
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    will this Girthbelt do? please help!

    I bought one of those as well and just spray painted it.
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    ROTJ T-track alternative, need help.

    I am quickly running out of time to fix my blaster for an event. I know this may be covered somewhere but I can not find zip in the search. I am stuck of the T-tracks with not a clue as what to use. I have tried to find the following with no luck what so ever. T-tracks/rubber/plastic, aluminum...
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    just got out of jail

    Good thing it had been so long, The failure to appear in court would have cost you if it hadn't been so long. no actual limitations on traffic tickets though.
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    Boba Fett meets 300 Spartan

    wow nice.
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    Homemade Gatling/Minigun

    Get to the Choppa!
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    Questions about styrene

    Ya Hips is good too I've used it before and currently using it to make a Sigmar costume from Warhammer using .080 thickness I think stormtrooper armor is .090 but I am fiberglassing the bigger pieces. I don't think the smaller pieces require reinforcing. I got it from usplastics too...
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    Questions about styrene
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    It's D Day! Zombies are amoung us. How Would you Survive?

    lol Conan sword. Ya The Gungho Tom Hanks suit is awesome but probably out of reach for the everyday person. My Friend said he needs and endless supply of Doritos, Mountain dew and internets and he would just blend in with the rest of the Zombies.
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    It's D Day! Zombies are amoung us. How Would you Survive?

    Ya Either get fit quick if your not already, or carry an arsenal to blast everything within a 500 yard radius.
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    It's D Day! Zombies are amoung us. How Would you Survive?

    Nice choices. I was thinking there would be other hazards besides zombies that you can get hurt from. All that combat is going to take a toll on your body and your going to get cut and injured from fighting and running over and into thinks to get away.
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    It's D Day! Zombies are amoung us. How Would you Survive?

    As an Influx of zombie movies and other zombie related things seem to be popping up all over the place. I just wondered what would be some peoples top things for survival. Food, Water, Lodging, Transportation aside what are 5 Things you would look for and try to keep at all times, And 1 Item...
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    Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing..

    Wait I just realized that The Predator might not Be able to be tracked via Heat Signature. I remember on the Second movie the FBI not being able to see a heat signature while cloaked -reflected heat signature?-, or maybe its there alien blood or perhaps there Cold Blooded since they love...
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    Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing..

    Ok i'll bite. This is my Scenario. Being Immune to all effects of any Vampire or Werewolf Attack the Terminators make short work of them having almost no weakness against the foe. Soon after the Aliens attack the Terminators tearing some to shreds but overall the Terminators are victorious...
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    Mini vacuum forming help

    Why cant you use your house Oven? The Plastic has 0 vapor and is 100% non toxic. If you still don't want that though.. oven element works pretty well. Need two for big projects...