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    For Sale ESB-MC Paint/Mod Grade Helmets Interest Thread

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    For Sale SOLD

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    For Sale WICKED ARMOR Seamed Republic Commando Kit

    Letting go of my Republic Commando kit. Comes seamed, even the Backpack, so all the hard bondo work is done. All you need is to worry about the strapping system. Armor currently has a custom paint job that's made to look like he battled on Geonosis. Only pieces that arnt finished paint/...
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    Blaster Pre Pro 2 Sling Gun build

    Loving it so far, you really nailed that orange trigger. I have to ask, how were you able to work the pre existing Sec o mat down in the print to be able to install the actual part?
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    JOATRASH FX Mando blaster build

    Looks fantastic, I've been wanting to try graphite powder so I may follow your method. I bought his prototype print off him & getting ready to do the work. Did you just use super glue to attach everything?
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    Does this look warped to you?

    It does look off set a little bit, but I'm not fimular with his molds. I do know a lot of star wars helmets are not symmetrical if his stuff has lineage.
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    Found Parts | Pre-Pro. 2 Greeblies; Jetpack Greeblie

    First post updated with pictures. -- Thank you, it would've have happend without Jb's help. & That maybe true for the hardcore enthusiast, but I feel it's left up to the wearer to preserve the mystery by emulating the likeness of how the character is. Thanks for posting the HD blue prints...
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    Found Parts | Pre-Pro. 2 Greeblies; Jetpack Greeblie

    Hello Hunters, While the world seems to be going through strange times, the power of our hobby keeps us sane while we go insane over perfecting our builds. The Pre-Pro 2 Fett variant has grown to be my most favorite version of Boba, but specifically the flame thrower has been such a...
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    Din Djarin Parts Questions

    With the soles being the only thing not covered, you could get away with black. I recommend checking Poshmark, Amazon and eBay if you're really pressed to get brown.
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    WiP: Republic Commando (Standard)

    Sorry for the delay and no updates. Progress on this build has been slow, and I decided to give him his own color scheme & backstory. In short, his name is RC4579 "Brokk" of Stryder Squad.
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    Thank you all for the feedback on the flight suit, the color is very picky in lightning, even in person. I swear, it literally shifts. --- Thank you! I was def thinking this route or by airbrush. Using a synthetic dye would require me to literally plunge the suit into boiling water to get the...
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    Why Temura and not Daniel?

    Like Fett 4 Real said, it's not confirmed Boba is coming back. It is fact that, according to John Favreau, the time line of The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after RoTJ. So Morrison is the perfect age, and the perfect voice to do a returning Fett, or an old clone. Frankly, in my opinion...
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    WOW...can't believe this build is two years old now. Time flew by...hope all is well. I'm still alive and hope everyone is fairing well during these weird times with covid19. Some small updates to follow up on from the previous post... Belt Bag end results Dying fabric has been such a...
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    A large Husky trunk with wheels & padding is usually the go to transport method to events.