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    A large Husky trunk with wheels & padding is usually the go to transport method to events.
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    Tell me a good story for the chance to win free machined Boba Fett parts.

    When I was a child, my brother was not there for me as he should've been; which he admitted to me when I was older. We were brothers by blood but it felt as if we never interacted like such. Fastfoward sometime, he graduated high school, the time for partying, goofing off was over; he placed a...
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    Bionic Amputee Cosplayer from Virginia - Just Getting Started!

    Welcome Trace! Im in VA as well- near Richmond. There's a few others from VA as well on here. Your arm is such a unique twist to your dark jedi build- can't wait to see it's dark saber adaption Def make a build thread when you start
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    Want to Buy The Real Gloves

    I think they're ski gloves. But he offered me a pair sometime back that was also on eBay. So he has a ebay account somewhere. I can try and do some digging to find his account in hopes to let you send him a email directly.
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    Jet Pack Jetpack Sizing - Which One “Fits”

    Happy Holidays! Ive only had experiance with MOW and Bobamaker. Personally, I recommend Bobamaker between the two. To me, the angles and proportions are really solid. It also has that compact aesthic. One thing tho is he's kinda expensive. Id provide pics however mine away with a painter...
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    For Sale USMC Half Tent for cape & PP2 Color Girth Belt

    Bump. Added half tent and price drop on girth belt.
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    Flame Thrower Unit It's with great delight I'm able to finally give an update on the flame unit progress. The latest addition is the metal sleeve that you see connected to the rear greeblie. Now, the vast majority of the parts that make up the flamer are in hand, with the exception of the...
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    Member for over 16 years!!!

    Also, check out RafalFett 3D projects...he has some things on Shapeways as well.
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    Member for over 16 years!!!

    Welcome back! I was only 8 yrs old when you joined Anyways, I know Stormtrooperguy has some files on Thingaverse
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    That means millions to hear. Thank you for following a long. I hope it inspires members or newcomers to go down the Pre Prod. path! This build wouldn't be where it's at with the amazing painters, armor makers and other artisans here! Thank you for the feedback and following along on insta as...
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    We did it gang. So happy I can make this post even tho it's one thing. That is, the flight suit is dyed and it came out as intended. Big thanks to jbdubz for the guidance. It took 4 seperate dye baths. I used RIT dye Royal Blue with a mix of peral grey randomly (I didn't record how much grey...
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    A question that's needs attention

    I'll be the first to bite I guess. This forum is dedicated to movie prop replicas. Period. No one here out right dislikes you, you're just asking the wrong place. Its not a forum dedicated to building combat grade armor. So when people who have been a member a long time here read a post by a...
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    For Sale USMC Half Tent for cape & PP2 Color Girth Belt

    Sure. Just be sure to state that the left will need to be trimmed a bit as the top and bottom are different makes