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    DVH Jetpack scratch build (2015 updates!)

    Looking Awesome Lou!
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    General Softpart weathering

    I used a couple of cans of Krylon black primer, works great for that sooty look.
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    501st photo shoot ROTJ

    That's not required for 501st approval. Just makes you look like a badass in your pic portfolio :cool
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    FETTWERKS ...where we are at

    Thanks Lou, for the update!
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    Blaster ESB Recipe

    Stunning as always!
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    For Sale MachineCraft Replicas - Boba Fett Metal Parts

    Thxs dakota pymt sent for some gauntlet darts
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    Wasteland Completed Boba Fett ESB

    Congrats! Awesome job!
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    Haribon72's Fabric Dye Project: ESB MOW Flight Suit

    Just an fyi, in the pic above those are ankle spats for rotj not for esb. esb didn't have ankle spats.
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    Blaster ESB Recipe

    Wish I add an order in!
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    RafalFett's Boba Fett 3D Projects

    Wow Levi! These belong in the Smithsonian!
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    General 3D Printed Replica of 6051 Mini Light in the Works

    Ouch sorry to hear that, just focus on getting better first.
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    SYPER's Pre Pro 2 Build PP2

    Nice sounds like it's going along well. Any idea as to the total weight of the pack? One thing to keep in mind is that as the JP grows in weight you will need to figure out a way to keep the JP in place on your back plate. With mine I have a fiberglass one, after 3 hours of trooping the...