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    My Jango Progress

    Excellent job there! Keep it up you're almost done!
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    Man....You forgot the most hazardous part of all about this hobby.....explaining the credit card bill to your wife because she got home earlier than you and beat you to the mailbox. :eek:
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    My nose & my bucket …

    Believe it or not...I could do the same with my Jango RUBIES when I first got it. The helmet moved up and down like a bobble head. My wife laughed because when I walked...the helmet would turn to the side all on its own. Hence...more padding.
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    Official Sintra thread

    Sintra is tough material with variable thicknesses and colors. Very easy to work with and paint. You don't need a vaccuum forming station to create any parts with sintra. One drawback about sintra is that you cannot leave it in a warm place like in a car on a hot sunny day. The heat will...
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    new pouch update!

    Looks great Seeker. Especially working with thick leather. Do you soften the leather up to make the flaps close or use what I use...velcro strips to close the flaps? Also, what preference of leather do you cow, pig, ect..or does it depend on a grade quality? Thanks!
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    Jango & Boba -check it out

    Sweet Man! Those Jango gloves look dead on! :thumbsup:
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    Hilarious Jet Pack Auction on ebay!

    OOOO-BOY.:eek: Hank Hill screws Darth Vader = to this Joe Dirt. I know what HE did with all that leftover Hurricane debris. Gotta give him credit....someone bidded on it. I'll crap my pants if he gets positive feedback. The X-wing fighter......incredible....and it too has a bid on it too. :lol:
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    Sintra -- MSDS

    Isn't that something? PVC contains some lead and I had my house built with PVC pipes installed because I thought the stuff was the best and safest around. Well, too late to do anything about it now. Bottled water from here on out.
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    Source for Jango Braided Belt FOUND

    Major find! Chalk one up for the Jango! I just bookmarked the site...Thanks!
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    Well Here it is...

    NICE JOB! You should be patting yourself on the back. Your suit has that menacing touch to it!
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    Dwedd\'s fiberglass armor - Pics fixed

    Geez...if Seeker updates...I want first dibs on his old stuff! :D JD....if only I has some of your talent....Awesome Armor!!
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    Compressed Air Jet Pack Idea

    The compressed air effect is good but the weight of an air tank/regulator and harness set up could be quite a backstrain. I remember a year back we were talking about a real jet pack that NASA uses and even those had great limitations. I think to actually lift a person off the ground and hover...
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    Method used to make non metals look like metals...

    What I did with some of my other costumes to create a metal look effect was to dull it down a bit by "weathering". For example, I combined a bit of reddish brown primer to a plastic replica powder rifle, sanded it and scuffed it up a little here and there and it looks so realistic that people...
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    glue for fabric

    Fabri-Tac. You can find it at Walmart in the hobby/arts/craft section. It holds everything together on my Jango including the vest and holsters.