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    Clone trooper armor templates

    Tankboy... you have a PM
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    For the Boba Fett and hockey fans!

    Is there a way to view the above linked page without being a member of the 501st?
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    Female Mandalore 501st question

    Yeah,what JMP said. The Mercs site is for custom and NON-canon mandalorians. Unfortunately this would include the extended Fett family. This is not a bash on the 501st.... I totally understand and agree with their limitations on canon only characters. But, if you want to get your creative...
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    Female Mandalore 501st question

    Hi, No disrespect to TDH, but I would recommend cruising over to the Mandalorian Mercs site. They have a fair amount of content on creating the female mando armor. Good luck... I'm waiting for the day my daughter wants to be as geeky as her old man.
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    OG Graphic Design Question

    Here's a crazy question for the older graphic designers out there... Does anyone have a Letraset Type Specimen book in good condition? Would you be willing to do a super high res scan of one of the typefaces for me? I've been looking for a copy of "Pluto Outline" but from what I've been able...
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    Foam-Core and Spraypaint

    As the originiator of the thread here is my update. The project that I was going to do this for was changed and am no longer using foamcore. Something better presented itself. In the past I have coated regular styrofoam with a couple of coats of acrylic gesso and the spraypaint was fine. I...
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    Foam-Core and Spraypaint

    Silly question, but does anyone know if using spraypaint is a no-no with Foamcore? Specifically, will it melt the literal foam core of the board the same way it melts regular styrofoam? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Marc Ecko Star Wars Shirts New....

    However, it's less expensive than the Addict Mitch Fett shirt.
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    I just wanted to stop by and give my opinion on something...

    Can someone tell me exactly how much screen time Boba had in the trilogy (not the special editions) and how many lines of dialog (not including the scream)? Maybe we should get Karen Traviss to erase the dance from all subsequent printings of her RC books and she can retcon Fett's Vette into...
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    Greatest news of my life

    Congrats! Word of advice... do not PhotoShop a Fett helmet onto the ultrasound pics. The wife may not find it funny (at first) and may get lots of comments on how much the range finder is gonna hurt during the birthing process. It'll be the best experience of your life.
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    Star Wars Hockey Night

    Is anyone here going to be trooping (or loitering with extreme prejudice) at the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders hockey game this Friday, the twenty-second? It's Star Wars night at the arena and in the past they've had the 501st or the local costumers make an appearance. I was curious if anyone here...
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    Family Guy "Blue Harvest" out on DVD!!

    Did anyone else notice the little changes from the televised version to the DVD? Like adding in the scene with Biggs in the hangar and not bleeping R2's F-bomb.
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    The Saint-Boba progress thread

    Slightly off topic, but, aside from your avatar, do you have any pics of the "Barbara Fett" ink? Now, on topic... SWEET!!! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
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    Hasbro site -Mcquarrie snowtrooper

    Well, that's okay then. You're still the coolest.
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    Hasbro site -Mcquarrie snowtrooper

    Scalping is cool. You might try posting this over at a lot of those guys might be interested in the McSnowie.