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    Lineage fett shoulders. RUN NOW LIVE

    PayPal sent. Thanks.
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    AE Armor Size

    I still have my old AE armor laying around. Here you go:
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    Lineage fett shoulders. RUN NOW LIVE

    I’d be down for a set of ESB in 0.060.
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    TDH Shirts and Patches!

    Got mine ordered!
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    TDH needs you for Celebration 2019!

    Sorry! I don’t visit as much as I should anymore. I will try and pick up more shifts as we get closer.
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    TDH needs you for Celebration 2019!

    I can do 3-5 Thursday with Eric (even though he smells). I’ll pick up some other shifts when I see the panel schedule for the con.
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    UPDATES WITH DVH/Darth Voorhees 2018

    Aww man, I'm really sorry to hear this, buddy. Hit me up if you need to vent or if you just want to talk about old Green Day albums.
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    Graphite drawing of Fett on the East Platform

    Great work! Wow
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    Post a pic of you and your Fett

    Thanks! No, this is an Arkady suit from back in 2013. I have had many trips to the tailor over the years to get it to fit me how I like it. I've definitely spent more on alterations over the years than I did for the flight suit itself. lol!
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    Post a pic of you and your Fett

    Hey folks! I just had a photo shoot last weekend and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Many of the photos came out with a kind of vintage feel about them. Mr. Eastwood As you wish. No disintegrations?
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    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    Friday is almost gone too? I haven't seen anything about that yet. I purchased a Saturday pass since they were almost gone and was planning to pick up Friday and Sunday in a couple of weeks. Damn.
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    New Boba Fett movie

    All I know, is that I better be invited to the damn premiere! lol! I'm tired of seeing all of my 501st, MMCC, and RL friends getting invited there.
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    MoW Boots

    Hmm... That's interesting. I haven't experienced that with mine. So am I understanding you correctly to say that the heel "cup" (?) isn't securing your heel in place and as a result the back of your foot lifts from the sole of the shoe when you walk?
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    Trying to understand

    The MoW belt will be fine but you would do well to hit it with a darker brown dye. The current color of it is a decent base color that will look nice showing through as "wear spots" when you airbrush it. The flight suit will be fine too if your dye job goes well. Technically you'd want it to be...
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    Really happy to see you going for this, dude!