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    Stormrider hic run (control boxes, partial fronts and full fronts)

    just wondering if anyone knows where stormrider is at?? im ready to buy some panels!! pmed him and nothing!
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    New Version of the Fettronics HIC Light Kit Now Available!

    should have researched a bit more!! I just paid 200 from modeljag for the same thing!!! but yours has more settings!!
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    hic parts!

    ok ive got the han cast from stormrider on order and the electronics from modeljag on the way as of today from rpf! I built the box using plans from here and its done all primed and ready to go!! I had the $ money for the panels and greeebles but had to spend that on a control board for my...
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    hic parts!

    ok I posted on RPF about getting all my parts to finish my hic. I got a hold of stoormrider for the han cast and hes not gona be making any for a month or so. so in the mean time im looking for someone that has the panels, greebles, electrionics , pretty much everything I need to finish this...
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    a boba mixer!!

    this is just bad ***!!!!!
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    Best clear coat to use on helmet and armor

    I paint rc helicopters and automotive and I would use a two part clear coat! you can get flat , semi ect.. granted its a little bit more $ and bad if you breath it "just use a respirator" but its way tougher than an old rattle can!! and you can get it at your local auto paint store...
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    hero panel ???

    I hate to do this but I cant post in the cargo hold yet and im gettn really flusterd tryn to find someone that has the hero panels for sale!!"at a decent price".. I wana start my hic asap!! so any help would b appreciated!! and may the force b with you!! once again sorry!!!!!!!!!!!
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    solo in carbonite?

    oh! that makes sense!!lol!!
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    Glowing coffee table I made for my mancave that I'm waaaay too proud of.

    this is a bitchin idea!! hop ya don't mind me stealin the idea for my end tables!! im gona do these first before I start my hic coffee table!!
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    solo in carbonite?

    hey my name is bryan and im new here.. my ? is does anyone have the plans or measurements for the frame so I can start on this venture!! ive already got two Volvo gauge clusters... and lookn for a han solo form! any help woulb b awesome!! by the way my whole family is crazy bout star wars!! my...