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Classifieds Guidelines


    2. Because this is such an important point, let us say it again in a slightly different way: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE BUYING, SELLING, INTEREST POSTS/THREADS OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSIFIEDS FORUMS.
    3. Only FULL MEMBERS are allowed to SELL in the community and only in the appropriate CLASSIFIEDS forum. See below for more information on Member Types.
    4. Any CLASSIFIEDS forum thread that has not had a post in 60 days may be removed.
    5. Members using the CLASSIFIEDS forums do so at their own risk. All transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller.
    6. A seller is only allowed to bump their thread once every 24 hours.
    7. Selling items for, or on behalf of someone else is considered shilling and is not permitted.
    8. Selling for or promoting services, products or sites of banned members or known re-casters is not permitted.
    9. Auctions (other than MARKETPLACE "FA" threads), charity auctions, sales mentioning a charity or raffles of any kind are not permitted.
    10. Price "bashing" is not allowed. If you don't like the price of an item move along without comment. If you are interested in buying an item for less than the displayed price, contact the seller ONLY if they have specified that they are willing to accept offers.
    11. A seller may NOT request PayPal payment be made as a "gift" (this means choosing "I'm sending money to family or friends" from the Send Money page in PayPal). A seller may NOT request buyer pay for PayPal fees. If a seller chooses to accept PayPal, all fees should be calculated into the sales price.
    12. The sale or trade of live firearms is strictly prohibited on the site. The sale or trade of deactivated firearms is permitted only if the item in question has been rendered completely non-functional as described under the applicable laws of BOTH the buyer and seller's home country/state/province.
    13. The decision to sell to a particular member is solely at the discretion of the seller. A seller may not sell to a member for any reason or no (stated) reason at all. Negative feedback left to a seller because they did not want to sell to you will be removed.


There are two member types in our community. ALL registered members can BUY by posting in an existing CLASSIFIEDS forums thread, or by starting a WANT TO BUY thread.

    1. New Member – a member who has been registered for less than 90 days OR has less than 50* posts.
      This member CAN NOT SELL or ADVERTISE in the community.
    2. Full Access Member – a member who has been registered for at least 90 days AND has 50* or more posts.
      This member CAN SELL and ADVERTISE in the community.
      *Posts in the CLASSIFIEDS forums do not count toward a member's total post count.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Now please go back to the top and re-read the "IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER" section.

Image Gallery Guidelines

TDH’s Gallery is here for you to show off your completed pieces and full costumes. This area is NOT for works in progress (WIP) or items for sale (FS).

  • Please do not post more than 4 images of any one item.
  • If you post multiple images of a single item, please label the images according to the following example: “My Boba Fett Helmet 1 of 4.”
  • Please do not post reference pictures to the gallery. The gallery is here to show of YOUR work!
  • Please do not post images of characters other than Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, or Dented Variants.
  • Please keep your images less than 690 pixels wide.
  • There is not a limit on image height. Image file size may not exceed 150kb per image.
  • You are currently limited to uploading 100 images.
  • Please include a meaningful title to each image and add as much information to the description as possible, including maker, paint used, techniques, etc.

The purpose of the gallery is not only to show off your work, but also to help others understand HOW you constructed it. Now that the gallery is available, please do not post showoff threads in any of the other forums!

New Member Restrictions

Here at TDH we have a “delayed entry” membership plan in which new members can see, but may not be able to post in all areas of the board immediately. Members are required to spend time and participate on the board in order to gain full access to all areas of the board.

What do we mean by a “delayed entry membership?”
When a new member signs up, they will be able to view by unable to post in certain areas of the Dented Helmet, specifically, the Cargo Hold (our trading post) and the Sarlacc Pit (our off-topic board). As the new member’s post count increases and time as a member increases, these areas will become available to them.

Why can’t a new member have full access immediately?
We would like to get the chance to get to know new members better and more importantly, we would like for new members to have the opportunity to get to know us better before we fully unleash them on our board. Why do we do this? TDH has a very definitive culture and a set of rules that are unlike the typical costuming board.
Did you know, TDH is a family friendly board and we do not allow profanity? Did you know we do not allow adult/sexual content? Did you know we have a very low tolerance for bickering and disrespect to other members? These are just a few of our rules. We encourage new members to take this time to read through our FAQ and familiarize themselves with the way in which we operate and the expectations we have of them as a member.

We have also limited new member's initial membership to ensure they are here for the right reasons. TDH is a Star Wars costuming board that focuses on bounty hunter costuming and even more specifically Boba Fett costuming. While we understand our members have other interests and don’t mind them sharing from time to time, we want to make sure our members are mainly here to discuss Star Wars costuming.

When does a new member get full access?
In short, after being a member for MORE than 90 days and making more than 50 posts.
A member with less and 90 days of membership and less than 50 posts is considered a "new member" and is restricted from posting in the Cargo Hold and Sarlacc Pit. Once a new member has 50 or more posts AND has been here MORE than 90 days, they will be automatically promoted from a new member to “full member” and will have full access to the board.

What can/can’t a “New Member” do?
• CAN view/reply/post new threads in all forums with the following exceptions
• CAN view the Cargo Hold.
• CAN view the Sarlacc Pit.

So what should a new member be doing until they have full membership status?
Enjoy the board! Get to know us and how we operate! Use the search function to find answers to the questions you have! Participate in ongoing threads! Read the FAQ!

We want new and old members to have a pleasant experience here at TDH. If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience, please do not hesitate to contact an administrator!

TDH Official Logos

Below you will find all the valid official variations of the TDH logo used to brand this site. If you would like to add our logo to a particular graphic, please contact us and we will be glad to send you a vectorized copy of any of our logos.

Please keep in mind, use of the name The Dented Helmet, The Dented Helmet Discussion Forums, TDH, or any of the logos or graphics from The Dented Helmet or The Dented Helmet Discussion Forums is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted by the administrative staff.

We currently have 3 major variations of our logo, a horizontal logo, a stacked (vertical) logo, and a logo dominant logo.

TDH Logo – Horizontal, Color, No Tag
 TDH Logo – Horizontal, White, No Tag
 TDH Logo – Horizontal, Black, No Tag

TDH Logo – Horizontal, Color, Tag
 TDH Logo – Horizontal, White, Tag
 TDH Logo – Horizontal, Black, Tag

TDH Logo – Stacked, Color, No Tag
 TDH Logo – Stacked, White, No Tag
 TDH Logo – Stacked, Black, No Tag

TDH Logo – Stacked, Color, Tag
 TDH Logo – Stacked, White, Tag
 TDH Logo – Stacked, Black, Tag

TDH Logo – Symbol Dominant, Color
 TDH Logo – Symbol Dominant, White
 TDH Logo – Symbol Dominant, Black

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