Looking for a bit of help locating a pdo file, that seems to be elusive.Subscribe
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    Jun 7, 2015, 8:12 PM - Looking for a bit of help locating a pdo file, that seems to be elusive. #1

    Hey guys, its been a while since been around here, but I am asking for some help locating a PDO file that, I know exists somewhere, but all the links I come across seem to be from necro threads, and all inactive, and other sites such as 405h, rpf, cospplay and others that have a compiled list by genre seem to be missing many Star wars files, or the particular one I'm searching for.

    The object is the TWC trooper backpack, (with what seems like a canvas top.) any aid in helping me get this file would be greatly appreciated.
    The only one I have come across, the creator is charging s fee for. The problem I have with this is they are charging for essentially a blueprint of someone elses IP. I could understand if this or any future items "have yet to be created" , then charging a fee to "create" it but then making it free to the public, essentially paying a commission for the time put into its creation. It just for me crosses a line. Anyway thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

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