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    Building a life size Boussh bust to go with with my full size HIC project and trying to figure out some measurements for the soft parts. I have some fantastic armor pieces from Dark Shadow and a great helmet from a member here as well and just need these to finish it. I hope to capture Carrie Fisher's body build in the bust and was wondering if anyone can help me figure out some of the measurements necessary for the soft parts (tunics, cummerbund, etc). I haven't seen a thread listed with this type if information so anything would be appreciated. Looking specifically for the inner shirt/tunic, the outside tunic, and the cummerbund measurements:

    Neck (circumference)
    Neck height for collar
    sleeve length
    back width at widest part from shoulder to shoulder
    back length (from neck to waist)
    cummerbund height (measure from just under the bust to waist)

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