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    Dec 2, 2008, 5:03 PM - Hi Newbie Newbells Here! #1

    Hi All,
    Well i can no longer look in to the Sarlacc's Pit of my own free will so i will have to start posting like i have something to give?
    Who knows i might just???
    I'm from the good Ole US of K, Goodness Greatness Britain!
    I joined this great forum after searching out Iron Man Helmets which are soooo cool and some like TMP & DangerRuss's very very cool!
    It was also to learn more about casting and all the other great techinic's you guys are good at that i can use, get really good at, then pass on to others.
    I have made a few heads, masks and odd things in the past and this site has now rekindled my passion for all things latex, fiberglass and bog/bondo/putty/P38/filler etc. etc.
    I feel like George Lucas as i have started again to re work my first project from 20 years ago.
    If you are from Manchester UK then you will probably of heard of Frank Sidebottom?
    I will post pictures of it how it was and how it is now and how it will be.

    Well This has gotta be worth at least 20 posts from all the waffling?

    Love that Helmet!

    Is it my round already?

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  3. Dec 2, 2008, 5:43 PM - Help a Mando out #2

    su'cuy, ner'vode.
    I am new, and kinda lost (a bit behind the tech curve) so i'm getting to know ppl.

    I'm not trying for a specific Mando' getup, i'm going for my own, Super Personalized gear (Probably Skavenged) for my Beskar'gam. I have an April Deadline (A gaming convention here in the DMI)

    Any help would be great, and anyone who can sell a hard plastic helmet on the CHEAP, contact PLZ!


    Nola Skraie

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