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  1. May 22, 2009, 8:16 AM - Hello there fellow bucket heads! #1

    Hello there guys and gals!
    After many years of snooping around this great site I've finally taken the leap and signed up.
    I now live in Ireland and have been messing about with costuming for about 2 years. Ok so I'm not a proper 'Bucket Head' but I do an ESB Vader and a Maul. I am currently finishing putting together an ANH Vader. Then will probably start working on a ROTS Vader and a Sith Stalker at the same time.
    I have recently started making masks/props/helmets again after many years.(I worked in film/tv as a sfx model maker and creature fabricator for about 15 years) I have been itching to get started again after having seen all the amazing work you guys produce on here and on fellow sites.
    Some of my makes are going to be showcased at IB 2 (see the IB 2 teaser thread)where they (hopefully) will be for sale. I will soon be offering them on sale on here. I will post some more detailed stuff in the sales section of the forum over the weekend(again, HOPEFULLY!)




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