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    Mar 2, 2008, 4:55 AM - (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #1


    Sadly earlier this week I let my beloved TK go; BUT, it was all in aid of project 2, which I have been researching for some time.

    I am pleased to announce, that tonight Mathew .... I am going to be "Jango fett" (Geonosis)

    Build Day 1

    These are just a few pictures to wet your appitite. Spent most of the evenig with a tube of Rub 'n Buff shining up the lid. Visor removed (after photos) and masked off ready to tidy up the internals.

    Couldnt resit posting pictures of my twin Westar blaster, they really are lovely

    Build Day 2

    Spent the day tearing my spare combat webbing to peices inorder to custom making the harness which will hold the JP to my back.
    I think I've got it in the right place. Vest shows up very light on the JP pics, real colour is show in the vest image.

    Build Day 3

    Today has sene me busy polishing and adjusting the various componet parts. Next major step will be when my Loanstar Flightsuit arrives next week. (Fingers X'd)

    Build Day 4

    Today's major project was to mill and drill the hole and fitment for the high intensity red LED into my right gauntlet and rig it up to the Atari switch. A suceess, I think .... pics below:

    I (and you guys) noticed that my chest armour was slightly wonkey on the last photos ..... so I ripped I appart and re-did it Thats Better!

    Build Day 5

    LOTS and LOTS of milling and routing of FG today, The blue Jet Pack attachment below was solid FG and took me all afternoon to mill, hollow and cut the slots. The reason for my madness is that this is an exhaust vent which fits on the bottom of the pack, The way I have designed my audio system is that the vent will act as the speaker cover. I think you can see this in the pics.

    I also applied 2 tubs of dubbin onto my leather wok to soften it all up. It was a bit dry and brittle and soaked up the first tub like a sponge, so I wacked another tub on ... leave to soak to 48hrs.

    Ordered my Gauntlet hoses today so they should be here in a week or so, can you believe I spent 3 hours researching re-enforced PVC hoses, just to find the perfect source on TDH :o

    Build Day 6

    I cut and shaped the speaker hole in the base of the pack and cut the access pannel from the back plate.

    Then wired up and soldered the Audio output cables, finishing with a good Rub N' Buff to make the metalic bits more metal'y (is that a word) :-)

    After much uming and arring ... I've decided to leave the spraying of my JP to an expert as I'm not very good at painting, and although 'arguably' its not 100% accurate, its not too far off the real thing... I like it as it is ... for now!

    Build Day 7

    Not much achieved this week, only hadone proper day of building.

    My JP has been shipped to a good friend for a re-spray on the troublesome area that I couldnt tackle ... so thats one weight of my mind

    It was pointed out that in the pictures of my gauntlets the switch I was using for the LED was not screen accurate. So after 4 hours of precision milling and a touch of solder later, I ftted the proper Atari switch:

    My boots arrived back fom the cobblers after having thre zips repaired

    Finally, I spent some serios time R&B'ing my lid. There was a lot of stray silver bits that needed tidying up and I re-glued the lining. I also fitted the directional demisting fan and associated 9v switched battery box.

    Hopefully my Loanstar Flightsuit will turn up this week so I will be able to start putting things together

    Build Day 8

    Not a lot done this week as my pack is still away being re-sprayed and my flightsuit and / or hoses are yet to arrive. So pretty much all I could do was give my metal armour parts a good coat of Rub N' Buff and shine them up the best I could.

    I spent a good day searching plumbing supplies websites for a 2 particular brass fittings which I eventually found on an american site. The things you do for accuracy! LOL


    Leg Armour

    Upper Body Armour

    Whole Caboodle

    I also finished off my Jet Pack harness, I've made it so the weight will be distributed down to my belt as I imagine a FG JP crammed full of batteries and electronics may get heavy. For anyone that is interested, the harness is taken from the main yoke from British Military Combat Webbing (I had a spare set) and I simply extended the rear male slide clips so they would reach the JP female clips.

    Honest opinions please guys and galls ... does it look metalic enough? Do you think I need to add some subtle weathering?

    Build Day 8.5

    Yey! My hoses arrived today as well as my mini-earth magnets and the tailoress had finished my Vest.

    So, I spent all morning positioning, re-positioning and swearing trying to get my armour plates to sit right on the snap poppers ... easier said than done. Anyhooo, this is the result ....

    (Image brightness adjusted in photoshop to show detail)

    What D'ya think?

    Easter Weekend Build

    CRICKEY! What a week, lots of highs and a few crashing lows on the past few build days, all of which I not have survived if it hadnt of been for the skill and knowledge that is Adam Davisdon (NOTIDAR.)

    Whilst re-spraying my pack it was noticed that the colours were completley different, resulting in a mad dash to B&Q and Halfords to try and colour match some long discontinued paint. A full respray later and my pack emerged the correct colours. My first experience at real prop painting and it scared the be-jesus out of me. Needs a bit of tyding up and some subtle weathering.

    For those UK builders who may read this thread in the future oin the search for the correct Jango colours:

    Dark Blue - Rover; Tahiti Blue
    Light Blue - Plasi-Kote, Rustic Blue
    Silver - Pewter Rub N Buff

    I also covered the access pannel I had cut out a few weeks earlier, Ishaped a sheet of 0.8 mm mild steel and mounted it on tiny earth magnets.

    Then came the turn of the belt. My existing belt was made of rope and was not screen accurate, it needed to be made from Bolo.

    This being my first attempt at leather work, I was a little nervous to say the least. But 4 hours later and a super-glue headache, this emerged.

    The Bolo is folded over 2 brass keepers and glued into place using very strong high viscocity superglue, then sprayed with an activator to make it set like plastic, sealing and securing the ends perfectly.

    I then put the belt under tention and, aligned all the strands (20) and used fabric glue to secure a canvas backing to the strands .... a whole tube of fabric glue

    I then trimmed and folded over the excess to give reveal the finished product:

    Still awaiting my Flightsuit but once it arrives, I'm pretty much on the home straight ... I think!

    Build Day 9 - 11

    An eventfull few days. My flightsuit arrived from "Loanstar" (Many thanks!), a good fit and spot on colour and fabric.

    A LOT of time spent this past few days working on the Jet pack. I found that by using an Auto touch up pen I could correct some of the paint errors I had made. I re-did all of the Rub N Buff and added the thrusters.

    The thrusters hae had to be completley re-fabricated. I added the screen accurate spacers (32mm PVC Pipe) Then through the centre of the thruster assembly I fixed a 20mm PVC conduit, so that at a later stage smoke and electronics can be fed through. The conduit was fixed in place with resin.

    Then came the tricky part. I observed that the screen accurate thrusters are at a slight angle, NOT straight down, this casused me a bit of a headache when it came to fixing them on. I tacked the thrusters in place using high viscocity superglue then poured resin around the conduit pipe inside the pack, forming a 20mm plug of resin that will securly hold the thrusters in place.

    This is the result so far. I need to weather a little more but its almost there.

    Whilst the FG and resin was out I managed to repair the crack in my back plate and collar armour.

    Build Day 13 - 23

    Its been a while since I last updated, Ive been waiting for several bits to come back to me but I finally managed to crack on these past few days.

    I had a problem mounting my Jet Pack, so after MUCH head-scratching I did my normal trick of dive in and see what happens.

    I re-senforced the key areas of the back plate and jet pack, to ensure any forces applied through the mounting system will be evenly distributed, with as much of the force as possible being distributed through the harness.

    I fiberglassed over the existing strap holes and fitted 2 50mm M6 bolts. using spreaders and lock nuts to make sure that not too much stress is placed on the backplate.

    After much dremeling and sanding I test fitted it this afternoon, cacking myself is an understatement! Just so happens it fits perfectly and the jet pack locks on / off the backplate nicely. A touch of primer and rub n buff later .... Voila!

    The knobbly bits of the backplate lock onto the keyslots cut into the jet pack. This means I can get dressed fully and add the Jet Pack last and allows for fast unhooking of the pack if I need to adjust any of the gadgets inside. Strong as houses!

    I also got my flightsuit back form the seemstress after some more alterations (I need to learn how to sew.) With the holes ready to mount the armour plates I did some final adjustment, this is by no means the final produce there are some more tweek needed but here's a little taster.

    More to follow, I need to get this cleared within the next 2 weeks so every spare second I have is being spent looking at Reference photo's and / or covered in glue.

    New Lid:

    Bloomin Heck! Thanks to Cruzer I managed to get hold of an MS1 Jango. A truley awesome lid, just needs a spot of paint :-)

    Hand finished and primed it has top quality visor and Range Finder.


    Adam Davidson (Fett Mk1) - Without your Friday bombshells non of this would of been possible. The font of all knowledge and a true friend, Thankyou!
    Cruzer (TDH) - For hand dying my hoses, for going hardware shopping for me and for hand making my Lid when I was about to throw the whole bag of ***** in the bin!
    Loanstar (TDH) - For the truley awesome hand stitched flighsuit
    The Wife - For supplying me with coffee for the 360 man hours of work that has gone into making this costume clearable.
    Rache - For keeping me sane, when I really wanted to smash it to peices :P


    Dented Helmet - http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/
    Brilliant Armour Tutorial by Seeker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rItYKAEbt90
    Referene CD - http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/ref_cds.html
    Mandolorian Forums - http://mercs.firespray.net/
    Phoenix Sqn - 501st Detcahment - http://phoenixsquadron.com/forum/index.php
    Star Wars Helmets - http://web.ukonline.co.uk/bingo275/imperialfanRTmod.htm
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    Mar 2, 2008, 10:54 AM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #2


    for that gauntlet switch, mate.

    I'll try and get that jet pack back to you ASAP :-)
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    Mar 2, 2008, 1:34 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #3

    lookin good!
  5. I helped at SDCC '08 Jimmy BufFETT's Avatar
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    Mar 2, 2008, 1:35 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #4

    Very nice work so far, dude!
  6. Halo 1's Avatar
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    Mar 2, 2008, 9:11 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #5

    Nice work! Keep em coming!
  7. Spacescopie's Avatar
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    Mar 9, 2008, 9:36 AM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #6

  8. I helped at SDCC '08 zxwing's Avatar
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    Mar 9, 2008, 2:01 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #7

    Yet another excellent Jango from an Adam in the UK. It must be a rule or something.
  9. Spacescopie's Avatar
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    Mar 16, 2008, 3:32 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #8

    Updated (Post 1)
  10. Vince Noir's Avatar
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    Mar 16, 2008, 4:06 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #9

    This looks so awesome.
    When I start my armour I'm so asking you for help considering how close you live
    Looks amazing mate. You should be proud of it.
  11. formerly old_jedi_mind_trick Bobby Fett UK's Avatar
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    Mar 16, 2008, 4:14 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #10

    Looking very nice, thanks for the harness photos too

  12. Spacescopie's Avatar
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    Mar 24, 2008, 12:06 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #11

  13. Spacescopie's Avatar
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    Mar 29, 2008, 12:00 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #12

    1st post Updated
  14. Farva's Avatar
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    Mar 29, 2008, 2:19 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #13

    HAHAH I know you dont want to hear this again but the whole bottom is supposed to be blue. It looks reall good though. Where did you git the lower vent? I am looking to replace my vacu formed one.
  15. NOITAIDAR's Avatar
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    Mar 31, 2008, 7:51 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #14

    Oops... Sorry Adam, my fault
  16. Spacescopie's Avatar
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    Apr 15, 2008, 3:02 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #15

    Thread Updated

    Includes new Jet Pack mounting system
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    Apr 15, 2008, 8:54 PM - Re: (UK) Geonosis Jango - Build Thread #16

    Awesome! A job well done!

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