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    Oct 4, 2013, 12:57 PM - DP 95 Boba To Jango conversion Questions #1

    I have been working on modding a 1995 Don post Boba helmet. I was originally going to just make it a custom mando helmet. I am mostly using It to test techniques of painting and use of my dremel tool ( I have some other posts showing some of the pics but I will toss some on here as well once I get a bit further along.) I have really been wanting to play with R&B and I just happen to have a tube of silver leaf laying around... This piece will mostly be a display piece since I have a large head and it is a small helmet. I have a few questions though if anyone can help me out.
    1. Other than color and the Dent (I have already filled the dent in) what are the major differences between the Jango and Boba helmets?
    ***edit 10/5/13.
    This is a link to my other thread. As my initial issues have been addressed I will continue my WIP on this post now. http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f32/t...-visors-48531/
    Here is where I am at on this project!

    Right cheek disk removed an sanded smooth

    Rear view


    I went with black primer so thar if the r&b gets scuffed it should just look like weathering.
    These are the paints I believe I need am I correct

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    Oct 5, 2013, 3:51 PM - Re: DP 95 Boba To Jango conversion Questions #2

    Hi bro well here is some pics hopes help you:

    1) Boba and Jango Helmets have greats diferences, a) not just the color, b) the range finder (the caps are diferents), in front Boba have some details in helmet right side some king of circule, check out in photo gallery later to see better.

    2) I have 2 helmets my first is a Rubies and second is a Asok, check here my tutorials to see details:

    Mi Casco R1 Photos by snowaure | Photobucket


    TUTORIAL CASCO A1 HELMET PEDRO NIEVES Photos by snowaure | Photobucket

    Mi Casco A1 Photos by snowaure | Photobucket




    my Url, here you find all my work.

    Hopes help you, anything let me know...........
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    Oct 5, 2013, 8:23 PM - Re: DP 95 Boba To Jango conversion Questions #3

    Good point on the pics! Adding some to the first post. Also adding a link to my post about this helmet from the prop building part of the forum.

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