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    Mar 13, 2011, 10:33 AM - DP helmet 1997 visor and other problems #1


    Ive got a Dp helmet and started to modify it. Ive bought a visor from ebay, dont know exactly from which ebayer but they sell for any helmet t- visor. After the visor arrived the first is broken. The second is installed, but doesnt fir exactly. Ive tried to install it with hot glue. Doesnt work so good because the helmet always bend too much. I tried to heaten the helmet so that it fits. Then i have installed screws onto the helmet an drilled holes in the helmet. After installing the visor this way there is an edge broken. Before im going to purchase another visor, im looking to get some help from here. Ill look to upload some pics.

    By the way, Ive to get new ears. Because years ago ive teared them apart from the helmet and now they are lost. Ive already made a new stalk ant a rangefinder with electronic which lights up leds when its down. Can i buy ears or are there some good ways to made some on my own?

    Thanks all.

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    Mar 14, 2011, 12:52 PM - Re: DP helmet 1997 visor and other problems #2

    If you made the RF topper then you should be able to make the ear cap(when you say ears that means all the ear peices on the sides of the helmet and on a Dp they dont come of so you need an ear cap) Rafel has made great templates which in clude the ear peice you can use them (scaled down a bit) or if you dont want to do that i could send you one of mine I have here but from Aus itl tsake 2 weks an cost in postage it may not be woth it but im happy to do it ,

    As for the T visor well you wont be able to fix the crackm Id sugest looking at some threeds there is a great one on visor instalation that is sticky on the top of the threed page see what other have done it may help but id say yours is a bit thick at the base, so you mawant to trim the edges this will make the area of the crak smaller to ,
    I dont know if id sugest buying another one if that is your second visor all ready

    You need to think s this a display peice or a practice , or are you planing to troop in it
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    Mar 15, 2011, 12:48 PM - Re: DP helmet 1997 visor and other problems #3


    at first thanks for your reply.

    Yes i mean the ear for the RF. dont know what the shipping will cost. If its too expensive ill try do made one on my own. only have look for the right material.

    Ive bought the helmet for troop in it. But at this time not quiet sure ive this helmet is good enough for this. I think about to buy a fett pride helmet, but at the time i had to save some money. The sticky bout the visor instalation. But the idea to trim the edges of the visor is very good. Ill try it. The second opportunity i have is to make a visor from thin plexi. But dont know if it is too thin and the helmet will not be stable enough. The visor install thread is good and ive tried the installation wit screws. But i think it doesnt work for me. If it all dont work ill be sure to look for a FP helmet. Ithink for trooping this is the best choice, but im a little sad if i dont get the rubie work.

    At least once again, thanks for your help and offer!!

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    Mar 20, 2011, 4:21 AM - Re: DP helmet 1997 visor and other problems #4


    its me again. Ive tried to make a visor aout of a very thin clear pvc. would it work? So that the helmet isnt too instable after the installation? Have anyone tried it?

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    Mar 20, 2011, 4:54 AM - Re: DP helmet 1997 visor and other problems #5

    You could use some window tint over your broken one it would cover the crack , as for thin material as a visor it doesnt really work the helmet tents to want to change shape , specially with one of the DP97s.
    keep trying it cant hurt
    But id say dont spend more money on it
    As for trooping in it it may be to small depending on your size you would need to be quite small to pull it of,
    As for buying a good helmet there are a few good helmet makers out there, Id say for some one on a budjet but wants a great looking helmet , Asok is the way to go at around $170 for all the parts included and a metal stalk,

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