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    Aug 12, 2009, 12:31 PM - What would you do if you were a mando general? #1

    This is based on some guy giving away free sintra armor, and whoever wins this contest gets the armor.
    So, I thought the idea was fun, and decided to make a scenario based on that, and get people to give me a good solution.

    You have: Two sniper rifles, about 50 shots per rifle.
    Two rocket launchers, with about five shells between them.
    3 heavy repeaters, with a total of 400 bullets. (each)
    10 pistols.
    10 DC-17 rifles.
    10 mandalorians.
    A dropship, armed with two lasers.
    About 4 grappling lines.

    The enemy has: 20 basic infantry units. Human.
    All armed with DC-15 rifles.
    40 in the enemy dropship, all armed with DC-15s.
    Dropship is armed with two anti-infantry turrets.

    You are trapped in a small shuttle.
    The shuttle includes a cockpit, a hangar (Which the droship is in) and cargo bay.
    The enemy has knocked the engines out, so you're drifting in space.
    They want atleast one of you alive, so the majority have their weapons set on stun.
    They have begun moving in to board. They will enter using the hangar.
    How do you proceed?

    Just for fun.
    By Blue_jay. All rights reserved.
    Whatever that means.

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    Aug 12, 2009, 5:40 PM - Re: What would you do if you were a mando general? #2

    Ray Ramirez used to do these on the Mercs boards now and then.
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    Aug 12, 2009, 7:32 PM - Re: What would you do if you were a mando general? #3

    I hope it isn't copyrighted .
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    Aug 12, 2009, 7:42 PM - Re: What would you do if you were a mando general? #4

    I would station 8 of my mando's on the ground with the repeaters and DC's.

    I would have the other 2 mando's with rockets blow up the enemy dropship before it comes in, if that fails, the fall back on the sniper rifles to take out the anti infantry turrets and the enemy infantry as they show up. all mando's have a back up pistol, and the grappeling lines would be used for tying up the enemy leader
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    Aug 12, 2009, 8:53 PM - Re: What would you do if you were a mando general? #5

    Well, without having a map and so assuming an ideal defensible position...

    Station 4 mandos directly outside the hangar entrance, armed with the sniper rifles and the two rocket launchers, secured with grappling lines to hooks or bars. The three repeaters would be set up, one per corridor, leading away from the hangar to the cockpit, with a single mando stationed at repeater one. The dropship would be positioned to provide cover to the hangar defenders.

    The cargo bay would ideally be set up to allow a clear field of fire on the entrance, and provide cover at the farthest distance from the entrance. It's a distraction, however; unless cotnrols can be rerouted there, it's a useless spot to defend.

    The remaining mandos would be in the cockpit, preparing for the counterattack.

    When the dropship attempts to board, attempt to repel it with the rocket launchers. If that fails, provide a credible defense using DC-17s and the sniper rifles until the ship begins to disgorge it's boarders. At that point, the hanger should be vented into space. The hangar defenders are secured with grappling hooks, and their armor is sealed. They then retreat into the first hallway.

    One member of the hangar defense stays with the repeater gunner, while the others proceeds towards the cockpit, manning the additional repeaters. If the boarders advance, the repeaters lay down automatic fire down the killing corridors, supported by rifle fire from the second mando. As each repeater runs low on ammo or the boarders advance, a pistols power pack is placed on overload (thank you Airen Cracken!) and left under the repeater, to damage the boarders further and spike the gun, preventing it from being used against you.

    The Mandos retreat towards the cockpit, where the second repeater in the second corridor repeats the same procedure. The third repeater does the same. After two corridors, however, the boarders are likely to advance much more cautiously, which is when the counterassault begins, using DC-17s, pistols and Mando ferocity to overwhelm the remaining enemy.
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    Aug 13, 2009, 12:24 PM - Re: What would you do if you were a mando general? #6

    Everyone did a fairly good job.
    All of you somehow forgot you have a dropship of your own, inside the shuttle!
    Koval Nar wins.
    Everyone did great, though.
    (NOTE, Koval Nar is only winNING for now. Somebody can still post and win .

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