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    Feb 24, 2012, 6:57 PM - Rotj Rattle can colours in australia #1

    Hi guys, just starting my rotj paint on my new redkraydragon armour.
    Any aussies know of best brands n colours locally available?

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    Feb 26, 2012, 4:49 PM - Re: Rotj Rattle can colours in australia #2

    Hi there mate.
    I am doing ESB Boba and I have found it hard to get the right spray paints as well. But I had a chat with Jayvee and he gave me some good tips. These colours are for ESB that Jayvee sent to me, maybe Jayvee has the some colours for ROTJ.

    Grey primer
    Ironlak Washington (light grey)
    Ironlak chrome - a good silver after weathering and dulling
    Ironlak Lazy Grey (dark grey)
    Anchor brand colourbond dune/birch (light beige)
    Ironlak Neverland (green/blue colour)
    Grey primer
    Ironlak Chrome
    Ironlak Lazy Grey
    Ironlak Cuppa (main beigy colour)
    Grey Primer
    Ironlak Washington grey
    Ironlak Soviet Red
    Ironlak Huey (green) misted very lightly with a Tamiya olive green I already had.
    Ironlak Chrome
    Ironlak Lazy Grey(Dark Grey)
    Anchor brand Rivergum/willow (the main green)
    Ironlak Chrome
    Ironlak Melbourne grey (medium grey), purposly a shade lighter than the dome
    Ironlak Venom (a great shade of purple)
    auto paint Red from 'power paints' caled 'Rio/Rogue red'. I waent for this, as i wanted the red to be lighter than some, and i think it looks very close to the AOSW pics. if however, you want the darker red that appears on screen with the lighting, I would go for 'Ironlak Matador'.
    this area was weathered with tamiya weathering kits and also had some white/super light grey accents added.
    Grey primer, I used Fiddly Bits from Bunnings
    Yellow, I used Dy-Mark but try and stay away from that cracked. I eventually found misting of yellow and a mist of a colour called 'Mandarin' can't recall the brand but I got it from bunnings
    Silver, I used aluminium can't remember the paint brand will check at home tonight
    Greens is a bit of a hard one. For my jetpack and gaunts I will be using Colorbond 'Rivergum/Willow' now possibly called 'Wilderness', likeness to Rustoleum Spruce Green or Tamiya Field Grey. The Tamiya paints are in small spray cans from model and hobby stores but are a bit pricey. The colorbond green is pretty darn close just need to hit it with steel wool and then spray with a matt dullcote to dull it down.
    The darker green Colorbond 'Cottage Green' also known as 'Heritage Green/Evergreen', likeness to Rustoleum Hunt Club Green. It might be a bit too green so I used mist of Colorbond 'Mountain Blue' or 'Deep Ocean' then misted 2 layers of the Colorbond 'Cottage Green before the blue dried. Again hit it with some steel wool and dulcote to dull it down.
    I got some matt clear sealer from bunnings in the craft aisle.
    Hope this helps any questions just ask.


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