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    Hi everyone, so I have a bunch of paints for the ROTJ helmet scheme, I bought them not to long ago in my attempts to paint my own bucket. To be honest its never going to happen so I thought I would raffle them off to anyone willing to particapate.

    I easily spent over one hundred dollars on these paints. They are brand new and have never been open. I will also include a ESB girth belt size 34'' in with the bunch.

    Since I do not need the money and others do I decided on donating all the funds to Chris ( Fettpride ) and his wife Pam. The price to enter is $25 us dollars. If you desire you can try to win as many times as you please. At the end of the raffle I will put all the paypal transaction ID numbers in a big hat and let my girlfriend pick one. The ID's will be cut out of your reciet so they are small enough to fit in the Hat. After the winner is choosen I will post the paypal reciet showing the money sent to the proper email that is associated with Chris and Pams fund.

    Ok so heres what you will recieve:

    7- fourteen mililiters of Humbrel matt 31
    1- Tamiya TS 43 racing green rattle can
    1- Floquil light blue
    3- Polly Scale c+o enchantment blue
    1- Polly Scale Milwakee road orange
    1- Floquil boxcar red
    1- Floquil Wisconsin central maroon
    1- Floquil grimy black
    1- Floquil Caboose red
    1- Floquil Reefer yellow
    1- Floquil Lark dark gray
    1- Floquil Rust
    1- Model Master crome silver
    and last but not least- a 34'' ESB girth belt

    My paypal is whistle8mp@hotmail.com

    I will end this raffle on January 10th 2009, this is for a good cause please try to help out, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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