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  1. Nov 30, 2007, 9:46 AM - new guy intro #1

    hello all signed up awhile back and decided I need to trade my tie pilot outfit and be a fett esb version, always thought that looked like what I wanted to have anyway. I've got some parts coming but until they show up I cant post pics of them. got the flightsuit, neckseal, flakvest and ammo belt. thats about all I can do money wise right now and I'm not in a real big hurry cause I want this to look nice and presentable. Will be asking for help from time to time, hope to find some new friends here, seen some old familiar names already, thanks for listening to me talk to much, Chuck. I go by this same member name over at the RPF and the BBC forums so it will be easy to get intouch with me at all times.

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