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    Apr 14, 2008, 1:54 PM - CloneTroopers.Net is OFFICIALLY BACK ONLINE!!! #1

    Quote V'Pier TB-5118 said:
    CloneTroopers.Net is OFFICIALLY BACK ONLINE!!!

    It's at about 99.5% readiness, there's probably a few bugs and issues to iron out while we're on the go which is easier to detect when we have users going about the place. Your help in catching them will be must appreciated.

    Okay, here's the deal with your accounts folks........AND READ CAREFULLY or I'll put my foot up all yer arses for not listening hehe.

    IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON http://www.ArmoredCavalry.Net, http://www.BikerScout.Net, or, DO NOT LOGIN to CloneTroopers.Net to create a new account. You need to go to the Passport system as you already have an active account.

    You will need to go to

    Login with your email address and password that you are already using to login to the above forums,
    then click the "CloneTroopers.Net" link, it will then regenerate a NEW CloneTroopers.Net account for you, and should ask you what username you want. Remember folks, that you CAN use capital letters (Proper name grammar remember?)

    If you've NEVER created a user account on ANY OF THE ABOVE forums, You should still go to the Passport page, it will be your central location for the four Detachment sites. After you're done signing up, you can click on any of the sites and it will generate your account for you.

    This way you can log on to all four sites with the exact same email and password.

    Remember, we have a Help Desk at that serves the four detachment sites, got any problems GO THERE, do not pester us with PM's or EMails.

    Members who had supporter status, please contact me (V'Pier) with details regarding your donation details, and I'll get your status back on track.

    Anywho, ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Apr 14, 2008, 2:33 PM - Re: CloneTroopers.Net is OFFICIALLY BACK ONLINE!!! #2

    wow, that passport system sounds pretty neat.

    it would be great for the whole legion to work something like that out!

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