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    Aug 1, 2011, 1:33 PM - planning to sell my Fett costume #1

    Howdy all

    First off I have not been here since 2002-03. I think my login got deactivated. Its looks like the community has grown since then.

    Well my dented helmet & armor has been sitting in my closet for 6 years now. I haven't worn it since until last night, when I took pictures. Anyhow I am planning to sell my costume on eBay.

    One question, Is Richie's armor still around? That's where my stuff came from. I can imagine there's other fett-makers now. Its been so long since I was doing this hobby. If your wondering why, nothing really. Just busy with work, marriage and kid coming soon. Whatever I sell, will go to a new crib & stroller hopefully. Still love the Fett and my costume items but I need to make room. I hate to see my gear collect dust. Plus it be nice to help another person who wants to own there own dented helmet & armor.



    PS - I am a size 8 for my Fett shoes. I stand 5'7. My waist size is about 35-36. 38 is the size of the suit.

    Just added a video that I will be adding to my ebay auction:

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    Aug 3, 2011, 4:02 AM - Re: planning to sell my Fett costume #2

    Just added my eBay listing for my items. Please pass my auction link to other people who want to purchase a great Fett costume starter set.

    Star Wars Boba Fett Costume Custom Prop (Wearable) | eBay

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