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    I'll post an answer here to Chris4321 if it can help others.

    In this first picture I have taken the end screw,(the very small short nylon one), loose from the aluminum fitting you can see epoxied to the kidney armor.
    Below that screw is the combination of screw parts I used. The nice thing is that the nylon screws are easy to cut to the length you need for different applications.I used them in many ways on Boba.
    All of the other fittings shown are just examples of other sizes etc. that you can find at the hardware store. Mix and match to make things work.
    The side stud screw is glued under the white Velcro pad and it passes through the kidney armor and then the cod armor to be held by the stud.

    Tip...the aluminum fitting has a hole all the way through it .When gluing it down you must have the screw turned down to the bottom of it so that the glue doesn't
    get up inside . As soon as the epoxy starts to set, and won't run anymore, back out the screw. No need to have to start over. Live and learn. I did.


    When I first cleaned it up I reinforced all of the armor any place that connections would be made.
    You can see the fiberglass tape in the photos.The belt should be a nice clean fit as it matches with the armor so they can bend, move,and conform together.
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    Thanks Fettastic I've watched your work and appreciate your attention to detail.....a lot we can agree upon.
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    There's not much about the helmet build that hasn't been said buy others in their paint ups on TDH. I consider Rafal Works templates and the "Paint by Numbers" Humbrol Visual Guide invaluable as starting points
    for anyone painting a helmet. Can't imagine the work that went into them!
    Here's a shot of some of the things I kept handy during the helmet paint up. I guess about the halfway point. A lot of color mixes based on the Humbrol suggestions.

    The helmet interior was a challenge.As you know there's a lot to balance out.
    Here's how I finally did ours.
    DSC_7532.jpg DSC_7533.jpg
    Clockwise at about one o'clock is the rechargeable battery for the fans,inside and above that the rangefinder servo, and a little above the visor and to the left a fan.
    At four o'clock the battery for the rangefinder lights,then at seven another fan.Next are the servo batteries and then the receiver box for the servo switches in the right gauntlet.
    Most are attached with Velcro with some elastic added over the servo battery and receiver. All wires are trapped between strips of Velcro for easy adjusting.
    The servos weight is offset by it's battery.We found basic foam helmet liners on E-Bay and at my sons suggestion, (he's the one wearing it), I made the yellow foam cheek support pads which worked very well to stop " Bobble Heading".
    Considering everything in there the air flow and comfort turned out well.

    Here are some helmet pictures, more to come..

    DSC_6955.jpg DSC_6981.jpg DSC_6986.jpg




























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    Amazing attention to detail here. Thanks for all your amazing photos and detailed descriptions. Very helpful and educational.
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    There are many more of our helmet photos on the helmet forum....Builders ESB Bucket.

    Here are some newer jet pack pics.
    DSC_8255.jpg DSC_8258.jpg DSC_8262.jpg DSC_8265.jpg DSC_8268.jpg DSC_8273.jpg DSC_8276.jpg DSC_8279.jpg DSC_8283.jpg DSC_8286.jpg DSC_8291.jpg
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    Great paint work mate, details are awesome, I like the shades of the colours you choose
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    Wow beautiful work!
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    What are the pins that you used as an alternative to sewing the strap ends together on your jetpack harness?
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    It sounds like you are asking about the round silver connectors near the buckle end of the gray jetpack straps. They are nickel plated Double Cap Rivets.
    The heads are 1/4" (listed as small) from Tandy Leather Factory. I also did sew the ends of the straps down with gray thread. It's hard to see it in the pictures. Hope this is what you were referring to.
    If not and you're asking about the black harness straps...they are sewn on to the frame and after final adjusting
    I use staples to stabilize the adjustments and hold the loose ends in place.I found that staples work and hold really well for this.
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    The Tandy rivets were indeed what I was asking about. I don't have a sewing machine and sewing these straps by hand sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Thanks for the info!
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    I don't have a sewing machine either so perhaps having the end of the strap a little closer to the rivets would help to keep it down.
    In all it was only about 5 min. each to hand sew the ends down. Glad to help.
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    Beautiful work.
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    as i said earlier on this thread... wow just wow, this is a beautiful step by step walkthrough and i think that this is very well thought build that shows things that can help people that are new to all of this with building a boba fett. and as always keep up the good work.
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    Seeing as how the EE-3 was the first piece of our build I've been waiting to get a little time to upgrade
    the brass grip to a more antique metallic look. After testing some different paint combinations I ended up
    using a combination of Model Master Non-Buff Brass as a base coat with Tamiya Smoke (X-19) varied over it.
    The effect looks like this.......
    DSC_8409.jpg DSC_8409.jpg DSC_8413.jpg DSC_8415.jpg DSC_8421.jpg DSC_8351.jpg

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    A few new gauntlet pics.

    [​IMG] DSC_8467.jpg
    DSC_8504.jpg DSC_8379.jpg
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    Nice! What are you using for the light?
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    The gauntlet light setup cost less than $10 and was a keychain LED that I found at the grocery store and modified
    it along with a battery and switch from a local surplus store. There are some pictures of the parts and the way I fit them in on my first page just after my
    original gauntlet pics. It was real easy to do. Compared to the original mini lights the LED is super bright...hope this helps.
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    WOW! You're work is absolutely outstanding! The attention to detail in the helmet is remarkable. A paint job to be marveled at (and envied;)) for sure!
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    After some minor work on paint I decided to take some new photos so I'll start posting some here.
    DSC_8200.jpg DSC_8201.jpg DSC_8202.jpg
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    Incredible thread - I love the details you've capture and the photography is great. Keep it up!

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