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    Hi, I started on my build research nearly two years ago and started buying some items here and there but haven’t been too seriuos about it. Now I am fully motivated, have gathered more supplies and wanted to start a build thread. My main purpose of this is to get as many eyes on it as possible. I would love to attain to Infamous status, so even though I may not like it, please don’t hold back criticism.

    Here is my list of current supplies:

    Flightsuit from LSFU from sale on TDH

    Gloves from sale on TDH

    Girth belt from sale on TDH

    Ammo belt from sale on TDH

    Holster rig from Delta13

    Rubies Westars

    Neck, chest, shoulder, back, cod, thigh, and shin armor from Cruzer

    Arena jetpack from FettSeven

    Paint colors for helmet

    Rub n Buff for silver and acrylic paint for weathering

    Still to buy:

    Dented helmet (trying to decide Animefan or Cruzer)

    Vest from Bobamaker

    Gauntlets, knees, and boot armor from Cruzer

    Metal parts from Darkside

    Boots from Crow

    Gauntlet light from Crumdum

    RF servo kit from ??

    Paint for JP
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    Some armor weathering pics...


    Just RnB and no weathering


    The acrylic paint I used for weathering




    What do you think of the weathering so far? I feel like I need to add more...
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    • Holster Attachment
    (Most of the techniques used here are based on build threads provided by Mulreel and Cruzer.)

    So I got my holsters from Delta13 and while they are nice, I did have to make some changes to be more screen accurate. I had to reconstruct the small leather piece that attaches to the cod that holds the holsters. It had stitching and was too long. It also didn’t have d-rings. So I went to Tandy Leather and picked up Antique Brass ones. I forgot to take the before photos, but here is the after.



    It’s held together with a simple Chicago screw because it will be screwed into the cod piece. Like so...


    You can see my horizontal pencil mark where the bottom of the strap is supposed to be. Obviously, this is before the silver RnB or weathering.


    This piece attaches to the cod and also to the belt that will go around my waste underneath the girth belt. I have added a snap where the girth belt will attach.



    This is the new holster before weathering. If you look carefully, you can see the shiny new button studs that came with them. I also changed them out with Antique Brass to be more screen accurate and they can be seen better one picture up.


    I weathered them up real good with sandpaper to get that worn-in look. Straps have also been sized at this point.


    Tell me what you think of the build so far. I welcome feedback.
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    I added more weathering.

    I also started on my Hasbro Boba helmet to get some practice before I get a real one.
    9EB22DFF-48D2-4BB3-9A51-80DD5DECD81F.jpeg 01FD0E2B-4BCD-4A40-AA46-61A0F5B463A2.jpeg 33D3DBB1-DF30-43F5-9ADF-01EC0EDF8570.jpeg
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    Some more pics of the helmet



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    j3vzO4g.jpg https://
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