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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Zom0898, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Zom0898

    Zom0898 Jr Member

    hello everyone,

    im looking forward to getting started on my ROTJ build.

    the builds that ive been seeing here look amazing.

    sorry im no good with the words but im hoping with the advice and the help i can get form you good people i can hopefully scrape together a decent build.

    thank you for your time. 8^)
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  2. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Welcome Zom to TDH. You’re at the right places and will gladly help you out.
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  3. Zom0898

    Zom0898 Jr Member

    Thanks dude, any help or advice is much appreciated
  4. GeekdadX7

    GeekdadX7 Member

    Hiya Zom, welcome aboard. :)
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  5. Hames13

    Hames13 Jr Member

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  6. Zom0898

    Zom0898 Jr Member

    Thanks man it' a pleasure to be here
  7. Zom0898

    Zom0898 Jr Member

    Why thank you kind sir
  8. Zom0898

    Zom0898 Jr Member

    I'm loving our ESB fett fella it looks aweome, I may need to hit you up for build advice in the future if that's Ok?
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  9. Hames13

    Hames13 Jr Member

    No problem mate, happy to help ;)
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  10. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Welcome Z !! Take your time on your build, do a lot of research, look at all the build threads that you can find. You'll learn something from each thread that will help the direction of your build and your skills. Be confident that when buying parts on the site, it is the best way to go. Be sure to ask any questions to help you with the build, there are plenty of knowledgeable and talented members that are glad to help you out !! The cost might be a little higher, but many, me included have bought from other sources and have found out that the parts are either not good enough, or will not be accepted if trying to become 501st approved.
    Enjoy the ride !!!!
  11. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Welcome and greetings from "The people's Republic of Salford "

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