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Discussion in 'The Sarlacc Pit' started by RistetToast, May 16, 2018.

  1. RistetToast

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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but if not then I assume a moderator will move it to the correct sub-forum :)

    I have often seen people who have parts of their Boba costume on some sort of bust, but I have been unable to find one myself for this purpose.

    Is there any particular bust you guys can recommend, with both a top and head to display vest and helmet?

  2. Funkyred

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    A shop mannequin is the norm , if you can find one with articulated arms and hands that is better however they are a little more expensive. If you buy a standard version you will have to break the fingers in order for the manaquin to hold the EE3 if you want to display your Fett.
  3. rnbuda

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    I know Darth Voorhees just finished making a bust he might have some insight.

    I know there’s cheaper alternatives than a 1/2 mannequin as well.
  4. Darth Voorhees

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    I actually didnt make the bust per se, i just supplied the helmet and Jetapck and did all the paint work. My buddy Branden assembled the bust. He goes by TehEl1te here.

    I have seen folks make busts from PVC pipes and some foam padding and duct tape though.
  5. Froflo

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    Alot of retail stores toss/stop using mannequins when they get a break on them if you know anyone who works at one ask if they have any unused ones or even just go to a store and askif they have extras you could buy or have. lol one time i just happend to be driving behind an urban planet and caught an employee throwing out two that just had a couple small scuffs on them (which took about 3 min to clean) .,. Check your local kijiji or craigslist as well

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