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Discussion in 'Han Solo in Carbonite' started by Crnaherd, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    Some images of the start of my build. Box from zenix and front panel from Stormrider. Only thing I noticed is that once I got the box done and sized up Han on the box I noticed that there was a few inches of room left at the bottom under Hans feet I need to fill in with texture. Not sure what to do about this and what you guys recommend. I don't want it to look mismatched and like I filled it in.

    Also, my edges around the box don't match perfectly so will need to sand down and put bondo or something on it to make it blend in. Anyone else who has built have those issues? I don't do wood working and stuff like this so it's tough for me to know what to use and all that mess.

    I also know everyone has different colors they like to use but I still haven't figured that all out yet. I know I want a more pewter look to it. Kind of a weathered look and not so smooth and crisp. Any pointers would be great.




  2. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I am working on colors right now. You might think of joining the HIC Builders Group at Yahoo. I am thinking of starting a thread with all of my research so far. There are lots of great images and threads out there, but finding them takes time.

    I think the biggest decision, like with Boba Fett, is ESB vs ROTJ vs some other variant. ROTJ is pretty well nailed down. The display HIC floating around is from ROTJ and people have taken detailed pictures of the panels.

    ESB is confined to some screen shots and some promotional shots. And all of those shots don't exactly line up. It is apparent that there are two different hero panels used in ESB and that the panels were switched around. The most notable difference between ESB and ROTJ is in the color scheme. The outside of the block and the interior with Han were distinctly different shades in ESB. In ROTJ, the colors were much better matched with only a slight difference in contrast.
  3. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    Filled in the back with Great Stuff gaps and cracks. Trimming back to make level with the back. Make sure you wear gloves with this stuff. Lol

    This gives Han great support in the concave areas. Solid once it drys.

  5. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    I'm hating this gap. Don't know why I have such a gap at the bottom not sure how to tackle this. Do I fill in bottom or do I cut it and move feet down and then fill in gap between feet and other portion?

  6. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    Look at reference pictures. You want the feet an appropriate distance away from the edge. You are going to have to fill in with bondo either way, so no big deal.
  7. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    I just haven't seen any examples with people having this issue. I'm afraid of moving the feet down separately because it may throw off the overall spacing of Han. If I move feet down it may make the legs look too long.
  8. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    Im gonna fill in with Flex seal I believe. I think it will give me the right texture.
  9. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    This is a drawback with the one piece. It is not necessarily scaled to fit the box. The advantage is that the texturing of the carbonite is pretty spot on. Most people have to fill in all of the carbonite using wood glue or bondo. You just have to fill in the areas that don't fit.
  10. Crnaherd

    Crnaherd New Member

    So essentially the box is manufactured a smidge too big. If I could match the texture decently I would bring the feet down and fill in between.
  11. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I don't know if the cast is too small or the box is too big, but yeah, you could cut the feet out and move them down. Or you could just place it wherever and fill the sides in. That is what I plan to do.

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