Cad Bane Cad Bane mask

Discussion in 'Clone Wars & Rebels Costumes' started by wulwhite, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    Hey guys,i like to show my Cad Bane. The sculpt is made from white air dry clay,the final casting is Smooth-on's Dragonskin.





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  2. dansam

    dansam Member

    that is awesome my man
  3. Spaar

    Spaar Jr Member

    Man, that`s one kind of a great looking mask. I`m really amazed by the load of details you`ve put into this mask!
  4. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    Thank you!

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    Thanks! I found the animated toon a bit raw,so i add my 2 cents to it,not much,just a little,i also do not want to move apart from the original.
  5. jansypansy

    jansypansy New Member

    Wow. That's stunning! Love the paint job! Great work!
  6. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    Thank you so much :) A friend of mine gather a mask to his costume,here how he looks :
  7. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    1072292_315136721956964_845972844_o.jpg and a nother shot from Essen,Germany.
  8. wrenchjock

    wrenchjock New Member

    Any chance of you making more of these to sell?? Cad Bane is on my list of future projects.... after I finish Vizsla and my wookiee.
  9. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    Yes,this is on sale.
  10. Scurvy

    Scurvy New Member

    Love this guy. Great job!
  11. wulwhite

    wulwhite New Member

    Thank you! :)
  12. Greedo10360

    Greedo10360 New Member

    Love this mask. You do great work!
  13. fetfetishlad

    fetfetishlad Jr Member

    Fantastic work.

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