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    I have been on the boards for some time just haven't posted much if any. I am a TB working on a Boushh for my daughter. She has a bucket(fettronics lights) , TD, tanks and armor. still have to work on the soft parts, staff and need to find a belt buckle. they seem to be hard to find. Been working on it slowly. Have been modifying the buck getting it ready to paint. Have the tanks and armor to prep too. Any help would be great.


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    Good luck with your Boushh build. There is some pretty good info here, but I also suggest the Boushh Builders Group & the Bounty Hunters Guild (501st).

    I just recently finished my wife's Boushh, which was a length build.

    I am working on a belt buckle option at this time. I will keep you posted on what I come up with.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions & good luck with your build.

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    Re: hello

    Thanks. She is pretty excited about it. It seems to be a lengthy build by everything I have read. I have been a member on the boushh builders group for some time as well. Doesn't seem to be a lot of activity there. Have found some stuff there. So it does help. Did you all make most of your soft parts and did you do a electro staff as well. As far as the buckle that is great if you keep me in mind on your progress


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    Hi Matt,
    Sorry for that, but forget the boushh builders club! There is no traffic. The best ressource is the bounty hunter detachement.
    Where did you bought the hard parts?


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    Her armor and tank kits are by Scott Steeber and the bucket is an older Golden Armor helmet. I just saw they have made some additions to their bucket

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    My wife made all the soft parts on her Boushh except the cummerbund, which is Clothear's. I made the electro staff as well. Used the Sideshow & Hasbro 12" Boushh figures staffs & reference pictures drew it all in CAD then dimensioned it all out. Then spent a number of hours at the hardware store measuring all kinds of PVC pipes & fittings. It was made entirely from store bought pieces except for the trapezoid shaped piece on the large round piece. The trapezoid piece I designed in CAD made a 3D model, which then was made using pepakura. Took the pepakura paper shell & filled it with smooth cast resin.

    When I complete my Boba Fett which I am hoping is soon. Holidays have slowed things down on progress. I am planning on doing a step by step tutorial on how I made the staff & with a list of all the pieces I used.

    I do agree that the Boushh Builders group doesn't have any traffic, but there are some good references for making things that aren't here or on the Bounty Hunter Guild site. The more references you can have to make things the better.

    Will keep you posted on the buckle. Having it 3D printed & should have it in the next couple of weeks.
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    Dang that is awesome looking on the buckle. Thanks for the info I think your wife sent me pics of her suit. I had noticed the trapezoid shape on the staff and said only thing she bought was the cumberbund. Funny. Been emailing the golden armor guy since there are updates to the bucket they made I had made the lines in the top but will like having that extra bit of detail past what I have done so far. The staff is interesting. If you watch the scarlaac scene. Han uses it to rescue Landeau Hard to get good pics of it

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    I have looked at those photos & from what I can tell it really isn't the same. If you look at it closely it is very boxy. The tip looks very similar. But that is my opinion from comparing the pics unless someone has better photos.

    My wife had said that you had contacted her. I wasn't aware of that in my initial post to you.

    Have to ask what all do you have with the Golden armor helmet?

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    Sorry for the delayed reply. Golden armies helmet: I will say he has corrected some of it and is doing now. It had no lines on the top so I cut them in( will get there mod to give it a little more depth. I modified some of the blaster marks. They have modified some of the snout pieces. It is a bit bigger than some of the other ones. It does not fit my head but it does my daughter. Weird They also made a new antenna for it. I like it. Have not had ahold of any others so not certain what is the best. Pretty solid. Oh love the look of the buckle so far

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    Re: hello

    No worries about the delay.

    I looked at the Golden Armor helmet a couple of years ago. When I started my wife's Boushh there was them & Todd on the RPF was getting his going, which is a nice helmet, but small from what I have read. I like what Golden Armor has done with their new kit, could be a little more accurate but looks good. Clothears has gotten a new helmet done but haven't seen anything regarding kits so far.

    I opted for the scratch build approach cause I couldn't see paying the money for a kit when I thought I could make my own. Plus I scaled the helmet to fit my wife. I didn't want to chance buying a helmet & having it too small.

    I did the line details in the top using masking tape built up to a thickness & used filler to give the definition of the raised area. Lots of blending & smoothing.

    Thank you for the kind words on the buckle. I am hoping it turns out well.

    I haven't actually seen another Boushh costume in person yet or gotten to see other helmets. Very curious though.

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    Me either. Haven't seen any other in person. Just have seen pics. Slowly started working on her tanks to figure out the cut outs and where to place the greeblies so will work on them and her helmet a little at a time. What did your wife use for template for the inner and outer tunics as well as the cape?

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    I finally looked at the thread on your wifes build. the staff is awesome I found a pic of Boushh and chewie on stairs of Jabbas palace and has to be the best pic i have seen of the entire electrostaff and must say Yours looks spot on. I would love to know the parts you used. especially how you did the rings at the bottom. Dang you have some serious mad skills. Awesome job on all of it

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    What tank kit did you go with? I strongly suggest making up a harness system for the armor & mount the tanks firmly to the armor. With the weight of the tanks the armor tends to want to pull back. The harness that I came up with has strapping mounted under the armor & goes through a slit in the outer tunic & are attached to a belt worn under the tunic. My wife has had several instances where people have pulled on her tanks & if they had not been attached they would have been ripped right off of her. I am not sure if other have this issue, but I like the added security of it being firmly attached.

    The outer tunic she used Simplicity #5840, the jedi tunic. The sleeves were shortened to elbow length. Didn't use the collar trim piece.

    The under tunic she doesn't have one. It is a mock turtleneck that goes down to her waist in front & half way down her back, & covers her shoulders. The long gloves are attached with velcro to her undershirt (Under Armor). This allows her to remove her gloves without completely dressing down.

    The pants are a heavily modified pants/shorts pattern. I came up with the pattern for the leggings, which had to be modified some during construction.

    All the soft parts were done in faux micro suede & faux leather. We have plans to go with leather at a future date.
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    Re: hello

    I got a Todd tank and armor for her. I have had to figure out the place ment core all the greeblies and the tube. So I have been doing tha the last couple days at work. The pics are a great help. My wife and I talked about putting a harness in it and hiding it So glad you did it too. My daughter has cerebral palsy so I worry about someone grabbing her or her falling with it so that is a great idea. Thanks for the info on the tunics and pants

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    Got the belt buckle in here is how it turned out. This is 3D printed in a polished aluminide. I tried to make it as close to scale as I could.
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    That is really cool. Are you going to make more? If so got an idea on cost?

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    I finally looked at the thread on your wifes build. the staff is awesome I found a pic of Boushh and chewie on stairs of Jabbas palace and has to be the best pic i have seen of the entire electrostaff and must say Yours looks spot on. I would love to know the parts you used. especially how you did the rings at the bottom. Dang you have some serious mad skills. Awesome job on all of it
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I spent a long time studying photos of that staff. To me it is good to take the time & make the weapons look as real and authentic as possible. You should see my ROTJ EE-3 blaster for my Boba Fett (http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f20/s...99/#post622020).

    The staff was all made from PVC pipe & fitting. The rings at the bottom were coupler fittings that I cut down to thinner pieces & rounded the edges. Once I had a solid plan for making the staff it only took me a day to physically make the whole thing. Can't tell you how long I studied it though to begin with. I will work on coming up with a list of items that I used, cause to be honest I didn't keep track of what I did buy.

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    Re: hello

    I got my buckle the other. Day. They are pretty cool. Thanks. Any chance you can send me some pics of the staff you made so I can study your and try and emulate your build. Hope that would be cool. Thanks

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    Re: hello

    Glad you liked the buckle. It gets painted black with some scratches showing the metallic underneath.

    Send me a private message with your email & I can send you some more photos of the staff. Working on a model to have some pieces of the staff 3D printed. I am really studying the few reference photos to get it as close to real as possible. Just takes time.

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    Re: hello

    Pm sent. Thanks

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