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    Oct 30, 2010, 1:53 PM - Tzizvvt the Brizzit cantian alien costume #1

    Wanted to post here to share my progress on this costume. I am working on a few costumes along with other projects. I'm sculpting the feet similar to the hands and alos will be doing the mask as well. Not a lot of images out there on him but the few that Tom Spina has and some screen caps tell alot about it . here's a few of the images I am working from.

    This is the best image. I find it funny they put a western styled belt on him with the type of hands he has. I have the belt in process from a friend that is a leather maker .

    ( tom spina image above from

    The mask will of course be the challenging part. I have the horse hair I am going to use for the hair. the eyes are still a mystery for me right now but I plan to sculpt the mask without the eye and then add them with mesh or something. I also want to make the front pinches work as well. Thought about a simple cable system to one of my hands to control it to open and close

    The suit looks to be just a tan jump suit with spheres added randomly .

    Here's some of the progress on the feet. It will be cast and used as both feet. should also give me about a 4" lift as well. This is just foam cut down. fixing to add clay and fine tune the foot shape and put some kind of tread on the bottoms.

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    Oct 30, 2010, 2:47 PM - Re: Tzizvvt the Brizzit cantian alien costume #2

    Great start on a very obscure character, always love to see the strange stuff.

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