SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

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    SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Hello, this is my first WIP thread so please be patient. Well it all started when I saw the clone wars awhile back and I knew I had to make it. PLEASE note that I scratch built this, it is not made with Skupilkinson's AMAZING templates but I do respect him alot and do not mean to take his business.

    Well with that said here we go: the first pic is the faceplate being molded and the second is the dome. I will be updating daily, but I'm going out of town soon for a Thanksgiving hockey tournament so I will not be posting tuesday through sunday. Please let me know what you think.

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Looks good. When I first saw the dome I thought something was wrong with it's shape, but when I checked photos of real/other helmets I realised it is ok
    Still some smoothing needed and don't forget of these lines cut out in dome (the ones on sides where it meets face).
    Good luck.

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Spray on it a soft primer layer. It will help us (and you) viewing where you must sand and where you must add more body filler.

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Thank you. I know the dome is a little out of shape, hope to add some filler today. I also put one more layer of silicone on the faceplate last night and made a ammo box pics should be up soon.

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    It's a nice start , try to get everything as smooth as possible .

    and indeed , primer will help you here..

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Hello, I'm done with the face plate mold and almost done with the ammo box.
    Here are some pics.
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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Sorry for the double post but I just want to say PLEASE follow my new blog, it can be found here:
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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Well I'm back, here's a small update I'm almost done with the dome as you can see I put a coat of primer on some bondo and more bondo. I've not sanded it yet and ran out of primer but should be done by wednesday. I also finished the ammo box ,might mold it tonight, and I started on the backpack.

    NOTE: the faceplate test fitted with the dome is the matboard one that got destroyed when demolding.
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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Ok small update: I started on sewing the pants(made a template, cut it out, and sewed the first layer). ALMOST done with the dome added a layer of fiberglass, sanded it, cut out the rectangles, added plaster of paris in all the little holes, still need to sand it a little and maybe add one more layor of plaster. Finished the mold for the ammo box, cast one to clean it up a bit, the resin was OLD but it still came out pretty good. starting on the forearm guard to-night. Please tell me what you think, like if it's good, if it's pathetic, and what I can do to make it better.

    I just realized that my cameras' batteries are dead, so pics should be up by the afternoon.

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    keep up the hard work SP!

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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Well here's the pics I promised. I didn't really do any progress on the arm guard cause it was late, but it least I got it started. The last one is my small collection of stuff mostly from COMIC-CON.
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    Re: SNOW-CLONE costume scratchbuild

    Update: Hi I haven't had an update in a few days so here's what I did:

    I put some more plaster on the dome sanded it it still isn't that smooth, but might be done by sunday.

    Well I'm almost done with the arm guard, I put bondo on it, ran it across my belt sander, did that about 4 times.

    Then I cut the top part out of foam board, taped it on, put on some more bondo, sanded it, put plaster on it, sanded it, put some paint on it to see where to sand it(ran out of white), and sanded it again.

    It's almost done, so might finish it and mold it tonight.

    PLEASE tell me what you think. Tips are welcome to tell me what looks wrong, and how to make it look better.
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