Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

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    Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Hey, I'm new here so i thought i might make somewhat of a name for myself, so i went and started on a republic commando helm
    please comment on what you think of it

    What I'm going for is this armour

    first i used pep to make the helmet

    Then proceeded to resin it

    finally the fibreglass is added

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Looks very nice

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Thanks The chin is a bit off center though so I'll need to use some type of bondo stuff to level it out :/

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    This armour looks great! Is it your only work or do you have other creations? I would be delighted to see them!

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    hi,very good work , may i know when can i get the download the pepakura file?thnx

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Hey, sorry for the late reply i have exams in school and they take up a lot of my time, Owen this is my first finished creation but i do have a few things that i never got done, i have a pepakura noble-six helmet from halo reach on a shelf that warped a bit but i plan to finish it soon, I've got a batman arkham asylum batarang and i think an odst pistol lying around too.
    Darthraul, i got the file from my brother punky859 because the file is no longer out, it only has 39parts aswell which is always a bonus here's the link RepublicCommandoHDunfoldHarding29.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Very informative indeed.

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    My apologies for taking soo long to finally do another update but it took a while for me to get my hands on some more stuff :L
    I got some bondo and primer, and might be getting a can of spray-paint soon, but so far i got this much done,

    Some bondo on

    Finished the bondo(sorry no pics of that) and applied primer

    And that is all for now, Bye

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    Re: Republic Commando Pepakura build WIP

    Hey again! It's been like 2 months And I'm here to post some new stuff, i still haven't started any other bits of the armour nor have i completed the helmet disappointingly. The reasons for this are as follows

    - I had some problems with a bad batch of resin which didn't set and led to me having to scrap some pepped pieces

    - I'm still not happy with the helmet (more info on that at the end)

    - I was waiting for my school term to start again so i could organize me being allowed to use the vacuum former they have

    - I have no money(This one comes up too often >.<)

    I'm sorry to say the bucket is far from satisfactory, i pepped the cheeks a bit wrong, and have issues with the ears as they jut out from the dome when on later inspection of the armour are supposed to be level.

    Anyway I will be posting pictures of my improvements (mainly cleanliness) to the helmet soon!

    That's all for now

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