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    Mar 31, 2011, 2:04 AM - My first BUCKET! te2(style) SNADTROOPER! #1

    Ok so I've been working on this for about 3 mounths (slowly working stuff out).
    I have hand painted the whole this so far and plan to use a tubestripe masking template from tk-4510 ebay store (just ordered them).

    This is with no paint at all! img_2598-jpg

    This is it now! img_2653-jpg

    I need help with mounting my hovi's. you see I bought them from doopydoos!
    They come pre asselmble with mesh Installed. I don't want to take the mesh off
    to drill a hole so I can place a screw inside but if I have to I will.
    If anyone has any experience with please tell me.


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