Darth Revan Helmet

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    Darth Revan Helmet

    Hello, guys! Sorry, I'm a bit new to everything, but I am having an impossible time in attempting to find a Darth Revan helmet that is ready for purchase. I really want to buy one as soon as possible for a coming 'con and I can't see anything. I was planning on buying one of the ready robes, but they don't have the helmet available. Is there anyone who could make me one? I am ready to spend the money on it. Also, I wouldn't mind a higher quality suit than the one they offer on eBay.

    Anyone out there?

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    Re: Darth Revan Helmet

    Hi, I sell custom made Revan masks and armor. PM me for pics and prices. Cheers Sam

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    Re: Darth Revan Helmet

    You can also find them on ebay from Big Water 99

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