Hi all,

Been coming here for a while but finally registered today.

Lived in the UK all my life but never seem to stay in one place.

I am part of a new costuming group which started when my friend bought a full TK set on ebay. Within days he'd volunteered to help a few charity events and asked if I'd help. Having no budget and no time I bought a mando lid online and scratch built my armour. It was never intended to be screen accurate but the two of us looked good enough to raise quite a bit of money for several good causes, and we were hooked.

Since then our armour has gone through several upgrades (including metal plating and more movie accurate parts), and thanks to this excellent forum we are in the process of building our own helmets too.

(Check us out on Facebook: search for The 58th Page which only has a few pics so far)

Hope to be an active member of this community!