Hi everyone! Been reading these forums for close to a year now and finally registered since I'm almost ready to start my Boba Fett .
A bit about myself. I'm 21, currently a member of the Rebel Legion's Tatooine Base (Serving Australia) and troop with an Episode I Obi-Wan costume.
Here's a couple photos of it for those who may be interested:

I'm nearing completion on a Snowspeeder Pilot and then after that I'll start preparing to do my Fett. I'm going for an ESB Boba simply because I like the colour scheme of it and he just seems so much more cooler to me in Ep V.
I know how to sew (learnt to so I could make my Jedi) so I'll most likely be doing all the soft parts myself given I find the right fabrics and then see how I go from there.
Done a fair bit of my own research but I'm sure I'll come up with some questions here and there where I can't find the answers that I hope people will be happy to asnwer for me.

Looking forward to denting my helmet with you all!