Hello! I'm Lance from Minnesota. I registered back in February but have been occasionally viewing the forums since before then. I'm currently just a teenage "armchair" costumer, but I'm looking for a job so if I have any spare money I may be able to give myself a promotion from that title! One thing I have been able to do is a lot of is researching, so I think this makes up a little bit for my lack of experience (for the record, the most I've ever done is made up a very simple, very cheap Jedi costume for a 4H skit... a step above a dyed bathrobe, at least )

I also have a pretty good knowledge of Pepakura, as I've done some other things beside costumes in it (mainly building, and some very basic unfolding).

Anyway, if I happen to see something I can help with I'll certainly try, and if I get started on anything I'll be sure to post it. And even if I don't do either of those, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not around - careful what you say, I may be watching you!