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    hi my name is Ben and I live in Wiltshire UK. I love Jango and Boba Fett. But to be honest i just love star wars (the Fetts the best though). I am really interested in making my own Jango outfit from Antenna to Toe and was hoping that the guys and gals in this forum could help me do that. I came across TDH when I was looking for a Jango outfit for a costume party. I have one in the post but honestly its lame. I would like my own one with my own touch. Please add me with as a friend I am friendly and always up for a chat. I also appreciated guidance from some Master Armourers. Thanks for reading this I hope you speak to you guys in the forum. x

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    Re: hi!

    Welcome to the boards!! You will find an amazing amount of information and expertise here!!

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