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    Hi everyone. Glad I found this place.

    I've never done anything like this before, and am looking forward to trying my hand at making some costumes for various things.

    Since I am such a newbie I'm sure I will have lots of questions, but I guess I can't post any new threads yet in the Propmaking forum yet.

    I guess Ill just surf the forum and see if I can pick up any tips.

    Im currently trying to make a Kroenen costume with this mask

    I have a friend who has a vacu-form machine he build I will be using for various pieces, but am at a loss to understand how to start a mold for the mask. Im poor so I am trying to do it on the cheap...I know lots of people make it out of solid clay blocks though, dont think I have the cash for that now

    Maybe use a papermache of my face to start it off, cut out the eye/cheek part to make them deeper and use wire mesh and clay to build up the deep cheeks/eye ect and other parts. I know it has to be a little stiff to do the Vacuform over it though.

    Any hits or tips would be appreciated. I wish i could find a step by step of it though.
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