Another "New" guy thread

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    Another "New" guy thread

    Well I am a long time Fett and Star Wars Fan. Being me though, I don't like to copy things exactly, and have built two versions of my custom Mando Armor. 8)

    I frankly don't like to post, unless I have something useful to say, but If I ever want to say the Cargo Bay again, I need to make ten posts . So I guess there are like only nine more to go.

    I am always open for new tips, and if anyone has any questions, just ask.


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    Re: Another "New" guy thread

    where ya from? that should at least get you a conversation started that will get you a few posts :P

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    Re: Another "New" guy thread

    hi im waiting for the cargo hold also but im from texas

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    Re: Another "New" guy thread

    Welcome! Alas, I too am waiting to be able to start a new thread to document my scratchbuild helmet...

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    Re: Another "New" guy thread

    Welcome friend!!!!!!!

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