another new guy from Southern CA

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    another new guy from Southern CA

    Hey guys,

    I'm new and joined up because I've begun work on my custom mando suit.

    But a little about me first. I'm from Orange County (La Habra/Fullerton) but also live in Glendale. I currently go to Fuller Theological Seminary where I'm studying to become a pastor (pursuing my masters right now). As a SW fan pretty much all my life, I don't know why I never did much in the way of costuming, but I have a nice set of Jedi robes and am just now starting to do the mando. I hope to one day have Jedi (x), Mando (in progress), Rebel Pilot, Clone Trooper Phase II, Imperial Officer and maybe Stormtrooper costumes... but we'll see.

    As it is right now, I purchased the armor pieces from another fan. Its a red and black schemed Mando so I decided it'll be a sniper.

    Here's a pic of the helmet (talking to BM for a T-Visor)

    Anyways, here's what I have so far:

    • Armor which includes helmet, chest, shoulders, groin, thigh, knees, ankles
    • A black jumpsuit (got from military surplus store)
    • Boots
    • Belt
    • a Couple of pouches
    • Cloth/Leather for Vest

    What I still need to work on is

    • The Vest
    • Painting remaining armor pieces (some aren't finished)
    • T-Visor
    • Jet Pack (want it smaller similar to Commander Cody)
    • Gauntlets (custom... not sure how I'll do these as I can't cast it...)
    • Sniper Rifle (probably made from wood/pvc)
    • Pistols (same)
    • Kama (made from vest material)

    So that's the plan right now... I'll post pics as I can in the other sections (after I get to intermediate or full member status)

    Also, if you trade hasbro action figures or other stuff, look me up at or PM me here! I won't be incredibly active... just as my studies and stuff permits

    See ya on the boards

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    Re: another new guy from Southern CA

    welcome and good luck !!!!

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    Re: another new guy from Southern CA

    thanks! I will be ordering my T-visor from bm soon... hopefully will get more pics up sometime. Anyone around have any extra gauntlets?

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    Re: another new guy from Southern CA

    Looking good spiffy, glad to have you on the boards!


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