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    Nov 11, 2008, 2:07 PM - All righty then... #1

    I actually signed up about three months ago but due to my computer taking a dump on me immediately I have been unable to post until relatively recently so let's make with the introductions...

    Lessee... fell in love with the movies as a kid, you know the drill. Since I'm about as artistically inclined as a stick of dynamite, my costumes are less than stellar. Let's face it, my Darth Vader was a black bucket on my head, towel over my shoulder and desktop calculator on a necklace. Not pretty.

    Fortunately my brother got some pretty high powered talent. He's in the 501st and seems to be having more fun than the human body was designed for and wants me to join in the wacky hilarity. Having watched him sweat away an alarming percentage of his body weight at Dragon Con in his DV, I decided to go with something with a little more breathability. Not wanting to be a faceless drone *cough* TK */cough* Boba was the logical choice.

    So here I am, on the raggedy edge, with nought but a box of armor parts and a dream. Help me TDH, you're my only hope.

    So I reckon my first question is, ESB or RotJ and why?
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    Nov 11, 2008, 2:16 PM - Re: All righty then... #2

    Quote Goodwolf said: View Post
    So I reckon my first question is, ESB or RotJ and why?
    I would argue for RotJ as it is more visually interesting and feels slightly more refined. While I am not crazy about the RotJ jet pack colors, they aren't boring like the ESB colors. Plus, despite what every seems to think, the RotJ helmet is far more complex and visually interesting than the ESB and the damage is a bit more realistic!

    Welcome to the board!
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    Nov 11, 2008, 2:18 PM - Re: All righty then... #3

    Quote Goodwolf said: View Post
    I actually signed up about three months ago but due to my computer taking a dump on me immediately
    Did it really?? ;-)

    Welcome! New here myself. For my part, I chose ROTJ just because I like the look better. A little more weathered and some different colocombinations that I liked.

    I guess why people choose this or that Boba differs a lot. Some like the ESB movie better than ROTJ or vice-versa. :-)
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    Nov 11, 2008, 2:19 PM - Re: All righty then... #4

    I wouldn't exactly say Boba is "breathable" -- after all, you're wearing a full jumpsuit and a quilted vest over it with a quilted neckseal up to your chin!

    I think your choice of ESB or ROTJ comes down to personal choice. I went ROTJ SE because I liked the color scheme with the red guantlets a little more and love the ESB helmet. Others are more purist and pick one of the originals over the other. I wouldn't even say one is easier than the other, thought that ESB jet pack sure looks a lot easier. Guess having to paint an ESB bucket over a ROTJ one makes it even, though!

    Just browse around and look at what others have put together. Pretty soon, you'll know which you are leaning towards....

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    Nov 11, 2008, 2:39 PM - Re: All righty then... #5

    I have to say, I would just look at both. Also look at Prepro 2 as its kinda 'normal' Fett looking also.

    If you have a movie you lean towards, you might wanna do that version... I picked ROTJ because it was the one I remembered more from being a kid, I was actually alive when it came out... lol. I also liked the colors and even the crazy colors of the pack, since blue is a favorite color. So for that reason I went pure ROTJ, minus my range finder anyway, it has the little black bit on it until I can find a replacement lol

    At the time I started, most people around were working on ESB versions also, so that helped me decide ROTJ.
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    Nov 11, 2008, 3:21 PM - Re: All righty then... #6

    Well, regardless of who says what version is "better" there's no real such thing. It simply falls to taste. Personally, I like the ESB version, for two reasons. For one, its the first (not really though) version that we see in his first (ditto) appearance. Mostly, I like the sort of military uniformity of the drab green. I also like the idea of the sidearm tucked away, and the more realistic looking flamethrower. The "techincolor" theme seen on the RotJ and some pre-pro versions to me looks a lot more conspicuous than I'd imagine Fett would be. Just my opinions! Enjoy!

    edit: Oh, and I like the ESB rifle much better too!
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    Nov 11, 2008, 7:13 PM - Re: All righty then... #7

    I like the ESB color schemes a bit better on the whole, but I like the RotJ gauntlets.

    Ah well, I'll keep thinking about the colors while I start prepping the armour pieces. I got nothing but time.

    And I still have to finish my Firefly outfit.