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Vhonte Tervho build

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    Well I had everything ready to go, then found out my mold (buck) had cracked, bad enough that it needed a lot of work.. but it is almost ready to go again. How frustrating, you know? And now with the holidays it is hard to find some time to get to it. And I still need to get some pics up..!

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    Very impressive. Takes a vast amount of skill and dedication to pull off stuff like this. Well done :thumbup

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build


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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    Let me know when you pull copies I would love a set!

    I will pay handsomely for some too, I want to do a Rav Bralor build and they had the same general armor shape!

    Loving this!

    *smiles wide*

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    looks great! love those comic mandos,good looking gloves.

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    Sick! We need more people like you.

    It's been a while since I've seen a Rubies bucket look that good.

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    nice work!

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    Re: Vhonte Tervho build

    Excellent build, My missus is making a Rav Bralor costume but was stuck on how to make the foot armour spikes, nothing seems to be the right size/shape. What did you use?

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