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    Jun 18, 2007, 8:22 PM - My scratchbuilt weapons - Work in progress thread. #1

    At last, I finished the final sketch. I'm not posting the weapon one here, because it's evolving fast from it's original form as expected. But I went to a hardware store today, and bought a new saw, wood and pipes and other fun stuff.

    I finished making the unpainted form of a digital scope (not working for real of course, hehe), and here are some pics.

    The wide, grey water pipe will work as a grenade launcher on the bottom. I'm working with some pics of the M4 carbine/assault rifle and then KOTOR/Episode IV for reference.

    I also finished some of the wood stuff, sawed out and sanded. I'll be posting more pictures when they are done. Note that I'm trying to make this as kind of an archaic version of the movie stuff, but it must look powerful and compact at the same time.

    Comments and crits - shoot please

    - H.
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    Jun 19, 2007, 9:57 AM - Re: My scratchbuilt weapons - Work in progress thread. #2

    I like the way you have used some every day items to make the scope.... great job...
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    Jun 20, 2007, 1:42 PM - Re: My scratchbuilt weapons - Work in progress thread. #3

    Cheers Valcar!

    Update. I have worked more on the rifle, and now I know exactly what I'm going for. While going through Tales of the Jedi - the Sith War I noticed the old-crusader weapons. They look amazingly old, yet functional and deadly.

    So I decided to make mine the same, the logic behind that would be the character (Sarim) got the weapon from his father who would have fought the Sith War. I also think it's a new direction on these forums, to go to the old rather than the new. Blast from the Past, eh?

    As said in the describtion, this ain't the final look. Far from it.

    The handle might end up being wrapped, similar to how the old-crusaders would make it.

    Old crusader:

    Primary weapon of the Old Crusaders, a Mythosaur Axe:


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