My quick and easy weathering tutorial.

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    Goldenrod's quick and easy weathering tutorial.

    My quick and easy weathering tutorial. It oriented towards a Republic Commando but it can work for any armor.

    Want that airbrushed look but can't use or don't have an airbrush well don't fret it my friend!

    Heres my process:
    Most important rule, get reference pics! Or reference that closely resembeles what your trying to achieve.

    1. Base coat satin white let dry.
    2. In order to use the pastel sticks you will need to take a knife and scrape the black and brown pastel sticks onto a plate or piece of paper, you will end up with 2 little piles of colored dust.
    Now, with a medium size paint brush dab it into to your dust pile and brush the brown pastel in creases and feather it outwards.
    3. Now brush on the black pastels on top of the brown and feather outwards.
    Also brush lightly with both the black and brown in different directions to show carbon scoring,but don't over do it. Use your reference pics.Now seal it with your clear satin spraypaint. If your doing the Sev paint scheme this is the time you add the blood or any other RC color.
    4. Then take a piece of scrap plastic or wood and spraypaint it black and let dry,confused?LOL!
    5. Now take that piece of black scrap and scrape it onto the areas that you want battle scarring,very easy.
    6. Now take a silver paint pen and hit the highest edges on the armor and here and there on lower flat areas,not to much silver though as it will look fake and over done.
    7. Once the silver is dry, take a "black" ink pen and trace around the edges of the silver areas to signify it is a scratch with a black undercoating showing through. Look at my chest armor for reference. If anyone needs it i can post closer pics to show this effect.
    8. And lastly! spray it with a satin clearcoat.

    Heres what you can achieve with this technique.

    I hope this helps someone;-)
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    Re: My quick and easy weathering tutorial.

    Interesting... the big one I wouldn't have thought of was the scraping bit - might work pretty nice on any armour.

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    Re: My quick and easy weathering tutorial.

    As a matter of fact it does

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    Re: My quick and easy weathering tutorial.

    Thanks for the tips! That is a new method I have not done before I will give it a shot.

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    Re: My quick and easy weathering tutorial.

    Heres some pics to help. This is me weathering my RC biceps for the demo.
    I know its easier for some to catch on quicker visually


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