looking for a race

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    looking for a race

    im creating a charecter and i cant decide what race to make him i made him a zabrak and wanted to put sith tats on but he looks like a maul rip off so what race should he be

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    Re: looking for a race

    Jawa in mini mandalore armor.

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    Re: looking for a race

    I take it you want something vaguely humaniform - as in, no weird protrusion that would require custom-built parts to accomodate the strange anatomy? May I suggest, then, Faleen, Firrereo, Duro (slightly larger head than average, yes, but not by too much), Zeltron, Weequay, Rodian (standard helmet would probably fit), Noghri (this, I think, would be really cool - especially if you could do martial arts things in your armor), Nikto, Givin, Klatooinian...Or you could try your hand at a Yuuzhan Vong Mando!

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    Re: looking for a race

    Always liked the Togorians myself, probably due to their close ties with Mandalorians.

    (the one in the back (looking like a lion) is a Togorian, the one in front is a Mandalian Giant. Both are wearing Mando armour)

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    Re: looking for a race

    I am working on a Twi'lek Mando helm sculpt. My Lekku should get here today or tomorrow so I can start the sculpt. But for a normal helm OtharRrith and MandoLegion got you covered I think.

    Good luck whatever race you choose!


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    Re: looking for a race

    I always want to see Dex as a mando so, Besalisk for sure!

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    Re: looking for a race

    i thought about a twilek and maybe making ist lek go through the helm

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